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Pet protective film is a kind of packaging film with comprehensive properties. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good transparency and gas resistance, non-toxic, tasteless and so on. And it is widely used, such as mobile phones, computers, pads, LED displays, digital cameras and so on

According to the application scope, pet protective film can be applied in the following fields: metal product surface, coated metal product surface, plastic product surface, automobile product surface, electronic product surface, label product surface, profile product surface, and other product surfaces. Next, I will introduce the function and characteristics of pet protective film

the role of pet protective film

the material of pet protective film is transparent and colorless, and its surface has been hardened. Generally, the hardening value of pet protective film material is between 3h-4h according to the place of origin. The better the surface hardening is, the stronger its wear resistance is. Light transmittance is also the main property of pet protective film material. Generally, the light transmittance is more than 90%. The high light transmittance not only makes us have a good visual effect when using relevant instruments, but also has a good protective effect on eyes

at present, the pet protective film material in Japan is relatively excellent, followed by Taiwan and South Korea. Because PET material has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good transparency and gas resistance, non-toxic, tasteless and so on, it has achieved rapid development. Since the 1990s, the production and application of plastic packaging materials have mushroomed, and then with the maturity of touch technology, PET materials have naturally been used on various LCD screens, that is, today's pet protective film. Pet protective film mainly has high permeability, frosting, diamond, peeping, radiation, fingerprint, mirror and other functional attributes. It is reported that a 3D naked eye protective film material is being developed, which mainly has 3D effect when watching 3D movies

characteristics of pet protective film

1. It is non-toxic and harmless, and has reliable sanitary performance. It can be used for the packaging of food, drugs and medical equipment, and can disinfect the packaged items. It can be recycled, and no harmful substances harmful to the environment will be produced during incineration

2. The protective film is coated with high molecular conductive polymer, which has low surface resistivity, stable performance, good chemical resistance and can withstand the erosion of chemical substances. It is not affected by the environment such as air, so the protective film made of pet is suitable for packaging materials, with better barrier performance to oxygen and water vapor. The thermoforming performance is excellent, which is equivalent to PVC sheet. Pet thermoforming products with excellent performance can be prepared by vacuum molding

3. The protective film made of pet has excellent transparency and smoothness, and excellent surface decoration performance. It can be printed without surface treatment, and is easy to be pressed into patterns

common quality problems of pet protective film materials

rainbow stripes are common problems encountered by PET protective film materials now, because the surface of pet protective film materials needs to be hardened, and hardening needs to be treated at high temperature, so color stripes will be formed on the surface of the materials

crystal point is also a common quality problem of pet protective film materials. Crystal point refers to those small pits on the surface of protective film materials, which are also called bright spots. It is mainly common in the three-layer pet protective film material. The main reason is that silica gel is synthesized. Silica gel has fluidity. If the surface of the protective film material encounters the extrusion of some small particles, it will form crystal dots. The best way to avoid crystal dots is to protect the surface of the protective film

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