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In June this year, a family in an apartment building of a well-known building near the Asian Games Village suddenly “ During the flood, not only did my family make soup, but also the neighbors downstairs were affected, and two famous paintings of high value were reimbursed from the neighbors' property. After on-site inspection by experts, it was found that the plastic pipes used were brittle and bent during low-temperature construction in January in winter, resulting in reduced strength. As a result, a few months later, bad consequences were caused. The owner angrily sued the home decoration company for compensation of 70000 yuan

in home decoration, concealed works mainly include water and electrical pipe laying, floor base, wall panel base, door and window base, ceiling, etc. Due to the particularity of concealed works, it is easy to cut corners in home decoration construction, which is difficult to see on the surface. It is reported that the problems of concealed works are mainly caused by the non-standard construction of the decoration team and the omission of some seemingly insignificant but actually very important steps. Many consumers don't have time to stare at the scene, or although they are on the scene, they don't know anything and can't find problems

it is understood that concealed works are the most important construction content in the decoration budget. If the quotation of the decoration company in this item is too low, it is likely to be a trap and cut corners in construction. When signing the home decoration contract, consumers must indicate the quality acceptance standard. After the construction is completed, the acceptance according to the standard must not be careless, so as to avoid future troubles

I. waterway reconstruction

waterway reconstruction is the most common concealed project. All water supply and drainage pipelines in home decoration should be kept unobstructed. It is worth noting that if you want to change the water supply and drainage pipelines, you must say hello to the property management department, and you should also ask professionals to design the pipeline direction. In principle, you should ensure that the main waterway does not move. At present, the ceiling damage caused by pipeline leakage is a prominent problem in the violation of concealed works. After the completion of pipeline construction, the construction personnel directly handed over the project without water injection and pressurization in accordance with the relevant regulations to check whether there was any phenomenon such as running, emitting, dripping and leakage, while it is difficult for consumers to find the problem with the naked eye. Once there is leakage, the consequences are very serious

second, circuit transformation

electrical circuits are all over the room, and safety is particularly important. A good circuit transformation plan should not only pay attention to the external effect, but also take into account the safety factors and the convenience of future maintenance. In the actual construction, we should also adjust the circuit capacity and deal with the interference between strong and weak electricity. In terms of safety and maintenance, the power line should also be covered with PVC pipes, and elbows should be used at the joints. It would be better if the live line could be made. When laying the circuit, the wires should be colored and threaded. Do not bury the wires directly into the ground or wall, which will leave potential safety hazards. After the wires are laid, the length of the reserved wire in each junction box shall not exceed 20cm, and the length of the lamp cap wire shall be determined according to the height of the ceiling, generally exceeding 10cm of the ceiling

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