God, please let me lie lazily until the world is d

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Every time I visit Muji, I can see someone collapsing on bean bag and playing mobile phones. He was still there half an hour later. An hour later, he was still there and fell asleep. I just want to say: “ Let go of that bean bag! Let me do it& rdquo; For lazy people, bean bag is about equal to heaven. Japanese media even evaluated Muji's bean bag as the source of corruption. What is lying on it for an hour? Otaku can spend the weekend on it. Today, let Xiaobian recommend some essential products for lazy people on weekends

laziness index ★

ted bed is a very simple multi-functional environmental protection bed. It is just a soft mattress with many short ribbons on it. And it is these ribbons that can help you turn it into a sofa or chair. Of course, the first step is to learn how to change; Second, you need to learn how to tie a strong knot

laziness index ★★

when you have nowhere to lie in the office, this half standing and half leaning chair, lean chair, is just for you. There is no seat for this product, but the worktable and foot support are added. The maximum load-bearing weight is 320 pounds. The back of the chair can be adjusted up and down according to your height. At the same time, it has an inclination angle of about 25%, so that your legs get enough care. Lazy people say that this is not lying down after all

lazy index ★★★

this lazy sleeping bag sofa designed by designer Stephanie Hornig is very simple to use. The first step is to pull down the zipper; Step two, get in and sleep. And don't worry about catching a cold

laziness index ★★★★

tatami style folding sofa is a good thing with low price and good quality. Sitting on it and reading, you can lie down and sleep calmly. Single person, double person, multi person and other sizes easily adapt to the floating window, study, attic and other environments. The only thing to pay attention to is the adjustment of the cushion angle and don't use it violently. PS: with the stove table, you can combine another artifact

lazy index ★★★★★

in this world, only &hellip can defeat bean bags& hellip; Giant bean bags. You don't have to do anything, just lie down. (of course, there seems to be no difference between this and bed.)

lazy people say that we are not idle all the time. We are also working and studying, OK. No, please look at the computer in our bed, the mobile phone in our hands and the pad on our head. Supporting products are also very important. Mobile computer desk is a blessing for lazy people. Lunch, homework and new Korean dramas can finally be solved at the same time. For small family homeowners, it can also easily save space. This super gorone desk is a little too much. It allows you to play computer easily even when lying down. Moreover, it is extremely simple to install and use, and the attached USB fan can also prevent the computer from overheating. OK, do you want something simpler? Stan is a support product for all smart devices, whether it is a smart phone, tablet computer or e-reader, it can be perfectly erected. In addition, it doesn't need to install magnets and other accessories to help fix the smart device, which can make you feel at ease and free your hands. Or you can buy a landing model

after reading the above products, Xiaobian said that he already wanted to lie down and play with his mobile phone. Don't worry, Monday is over, and the weekend is just around the corner. Make yourself a lazy weekend home plan




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