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Speaking of luxurious room design, the first feeling is atmosphere and luxury, which will be difficult to approach. However, adding American pastoral style will have a different feeling. American rural style decoration is famous for its consistent silence and softness, so that luxury rooms can also find a quiet and softness. Next, the editor will ceremoniously introduce to you the decoration effect drawing of American style Rural three rooms and two halls of the owner of Jindi art

style analysis: American pastoral style, also known as American rural style, is a branch of natural style, advocating "return to nature". Pastoral style advocates nature and combines nature in aesthetics, strives to express the leisure, comfortable and natural pastoral life interest in the indoor environment, and often uses the simple texture of natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other materials. Skillfully set indoor greening to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere

decoration files:

community: Jindi Yijing (more decoration effect pictures of Jindi Yijing)

house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration style: American Rural decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 180000 decoration company: Jinfuyuan decoration

the beautiful lines make the design of the whole space much softer and make the American style design more elegant. In terms of spatial layout, the setting of porch, reception hall and restaurant is extremely prominent. The porch is carefully managed, adding a trace of interest to the overall space. The space on the first floor is open, without large rigid partitions, and is connected in a plane by a corridor with clear moving lines. Such design enhances the circulation between the living room, dining room and porch, making the space more flexible and the perspective more open

gorgeous crystal chandeliers and purple cloth sofa are the highlights of this case. The mural decoration on the beige background wall adds an artistic flavor to the home design. This case has a unique layout of double living rooms. The small living room connected with the porch at the entrance can be used for daily reception. It is precisely because of its unique functionality that, in terms of layout, the combination of fireplace and medium-sized cloth sofa used in American style is adopted, and the tone is also dominated by stable primary color

as the second residence of the family, the design of this kitchen and restaurant adopts a pure American style. The dining area under the soft light shows a strong pastoral style. Equipped with white cabinets and the same color cooking table of the western kitchen, it shows the style of the middle class. In the whole space, the chandelier dotted with emerald crystal hangs gracefully, providing practical lighting functions, but also indirectly acting as a small partition design of the dining area and the preparation area, so that the artistic effect is no longer monotonous, greatly improving the elegance of the situation

introduction to Jindi Yijing community

Jindi Yijing is the first project of Jindi group in Optics Valley and the first original maroon block of Jindi. It is the second maroon series product produced by Jindi group after Shanghai Jindi Yijing. It will continue the American brown stone style of more than half a century, reappearance, dedicated to the struggling elite of Optics Valley. In Jindi art world, the elegant gates, doorknockers, decorative iron railings, red brick sidewalks, coffee shops around the corner, and dark brown memories are like returning to the era of Audrey Hepburn and reproducing the classics of a beautiful era. 420000 square meters of the original brownstone block in the United States is mainly composed of Western-style houses, small high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings

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