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Editor's note: the new green concept enables the printing factory to make correct decisions for the healthy development of its own enterprise and the earth, and the implementation of green printing is a good thing for everyone. At present, among the top 500 enterprises in the world, more and more senior managers begin to pay attention to green environmental protection. Several world-famous publishing houses and financial institutions have said that issues such as climate change and sustainable development must be paid great attention to by the printing industry. In fact, hundreds of printing houses have begun to take action. However, this also means that more enterprises will lose this crucial opportunity. Their neglect of environmental protection issues will put them in a very dangerous situation. The following two examples may help you understand the concerns of printing buyers to show people the infinite potential and strong development momentum of the experimental machine market. Someone once held a conference called green advertising in June. It is gratifying that more than 200 people reserved seats for this conference in advance. However, when another 350 people asked to attend the conference, advertising time magazine, the supporting media of the conference, immediately felt overwhelmed. The crowded crowd even spread to the busy Manhattan streets. However, just a few days later, Citigroup Meibang held a seminar with the same theme in Manhattan, focusing on the sustainability of advertising, publishing and supply chain. The conference was also full, and many listeners stood to listen to the meeting. Throughout the United States, conferences related to sustainable printing and packaging are held almost every few weeks

why are people interested in advertising? What does this mean for the printing press? You might call it new green

new green is not a moral or theoretical concept, nor is it a pure emotional appeal to create an influential aluminum industry convergence area and innovation highland at home and abroad. It is based on a sustainable theoretical concept, and this change can change the business mode of enterprises. In essence, it can change people's demand for printing services, printing equipment and printing supplies

the reason why green environmental protection has become a hot topic is that thousands of people have watched the documentary hard to ignore truth directed by Davis Guggenheim. Millions of people attended the liveearth concert recently. The purpose of this rock concert is to raise public awareness of environmental protection. In addition, more and more green environmental protection related publications have been published in business week, time, fortune, Forbes, New York Times and other major journals

these measures have finally attracted people's attention to environmental issues, and changed the thinking mode of enterprises and governments from the aspects of design, production, procurement, printing and media management

another reason why people are generally concerned about the sustainable development of advertising, publishing, printing and packaging industries is that these industries are the world's largest energy consumers. In the United States, they are heavily dependent on imported oil and paper, and produce a large amount of waste paper. In addition, these industries will emit tens of millions of tons of greenhouse gases every year

everything is difficult at the beginning

the realization of green production requires printing enterprises and their suppliers to put aside the problems of cost, production and printing quality, and put environmental protection in the first place. Today's printing purchasers tend to consider the environmental impact of every process they do, from their own production companies to primary and secondary suppliers

printing houses are generally classified into secondary suppliers. But in the publishing industry, it is a well deserved first-class supplier, because they produce the final products for their customers. In either case, the printing plant must uphold the concept of green cleaning and integrate sustainable production processes into every work. If printing houses and their suppliers want to continue to gain a firm foothold in the market, they must now think about what they have said and done for environmental protection. In order to avoid being left behind by those environmental protection pioneer enterprises, the managers of printing enterprises must first pass the FSC certification or use soybean ink

the so-called green is to abide by the laws of nature and do things beneficial to the earth. No matter whether these things are good or bad for your enterprise, what the new green concept pursues is a win-win situation between the enterprise and the earth, so that they can benefit from people's environmental protection behavior at the same time

the biggest challenge facing the printing industry is to get rid of the old way of thinking about environmental issues and develop new methods to identify, analyze and use sustainable information. In addition, people should pay close attention to the trend of global warming and take timely and effective measures to prevent the continued deterioration of the environment

Kenneth macro, a professor of the image communication course at Alfred business school, said: many printing houses I interviewed do not understand what sustainability is. They hope that climate warming and environmental protection can be automatically solved. We have no time to think like an ostrich, nor can we hide our heads in the sand and have 1900 suppliers provide parts and related services. What we need to do is to take all means to ensure the sustainable development of the printing industry and make printing a negative media

do I need to spend more money on environmental protection

from a historical point of view, green refers to compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and the new green concept goes far beyond this category. The sustainability of printing and other fields is to continuously improve the environment and improve the social and economic benefits of an enterprise, a product and a service

green products always cost a lot of money and have no outstanding performance. However, figure 2 shows the utilization of improved performance. All these will change. Lee Scott, CEO of Wal Mart, once cleverly explained the new green concept to more than 700 senior managers at the retailer sustainable value network conference held in March this year

he said: an ordinary working family has no need to choose between products they can afford and sustainable products. The new green concept has been strongly advocated by well-known enterprises such as Wal Mart, general electric, timberland, Bank of America, Unilever and Starbucks. Many well-known multinational companies have created value through green products. Green products should perform better than traditional products and services, because they have received enough attention in all aspects of production (from details to supply chain to quality control), and so must green printing

according to John grant, the author of the green marketing declaration, people will never lose interest in green because it is closely related to climate change

Michael Longhurst, senior vice president of business development of McCann (he is also a member of the Advertising Advisory Committee of the United Nations environmental protection project), believes that sustainability is not green marketing, it is not a social problem, nor is it just a problem of energy conservation. It covers a wide range of contents. Sustainability is synonymous with everything related to the world we live in. It is an economic, social and environmental issue, which mainly involves different consumption patterns and consumption efficiency. In addition, it also means the sharing of resources between the poor and the rich, the protection of the global environment and meeting the survival needs of future generations. Whether for the government, enterprises or consumers, sustainability is an issue that can not be ignored

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