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The "grid" distribution planning leads the development and construction of electricity

Shijiazhuang will fully deploy the high reliability distribution planning work in the central urban area, and implement the distribution planning mode and method in line with the actual situation of Shijiazhuang from the source to measure the tensile strength, specified non proportional extension strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other mechanical properties of steel strands, leading the development and construction of electricity

this zigzag stress corrosion testing machine can carry out zigzag tests on large-scale samples and even prototype samples. The "grid" planning method is introduced into the power distribution planning in the central urban area. The whole central urban area is divided into 6 regions and 154 grids, and the grid is used as the minimum unit to build the target frame. Guided by high reliability power supply, electricity demand and existing problems, the passive situation of "difficult implementation of distribution construction and stable path resources" caused by the failure of effective integration of distribution planning with urban planning, insufficient planning depth and uncertain investment and construction timing of distribution projects is reversed

it is reported that the distribution "grid" planning in the central urban area should optimize the spatial layout of 110 kV and 220 kV substations on the basis of 10 kV frame structure to form a "grid" planning management of distribution; Establish the principle of differentiated grid construction, including the differentiation of target frame, the differentiation of power distribution automation construction, and the differentiation of the advantages of manual spring tension testing machine in communication mode, which is conducive to the reasonable and effective management of construction; It is necessary to focus on carrying out year by year project reporting in the form of "standardization", define the near and medium-term project construction base, meet the rationality of each year by year project, meet the forward-looking reservation of the long-term comprehensive pipe gallery, and play a good role in the management and construction of the project. This section is called the strengthening stage

based on the principle of formulating power planning objectives and construction technology with high starting point and high standard, this "grid" planning work focuses on determining the high and medium voltage distribution frame structure, greatly improving the power supply reliability, and coordinating the substation stations, lines and corridors in the region, which will provide a modern urban power distribution support with perfect structure, leading technology, efficient interaction, flexibility and reliability for the economic and social development of the central urban area of Shijiazhuang

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