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Diatom mud is a shoddy material that must be recognized with eyes (Group pictures)

organic coatings, wallpapers, diatom mud and inorganic coatings. From the development direction of wall materials, it is not difficult to see that the consumer market is increasingly demanding environmental protection of wall materials

do not listen to the manufacturer when buying environmentally friendly wall materials. It is obviously an organic coating, but it claims that it does not contain formaldehyde. As for diatom mud, the new favorite of wall materials, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and the market is in chaos

this rough texture is the strength of functional wall materials

the texture of inorganic wall material can be coarse or fine

the texture of inorganic wall material can be coarse or fine

there are many wall materials with the same appearance as diatom mud

diatom mud is good, but its pros and cons are mixed.

diatom mud has become a hot word in home decoration. Manufacturers all declare that rigid PVC foamed plastic, as a "future material", is widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, advertising and other fields. It is said that the wall material is natural and is the most environmentally friendly wall material at present. It can effectively filter harmful substances in the air and has the effect of purifying the air

diatom mud is a kind of soft powdery material similar to chalk, which also includes a mixture of silica, silicate flakes, silicate balls and opal. "In Japan, it is called diatomite wall material and Shishang material. Its diatomite mud pays attention to function and environmental protection, and its strength is very low. After plastering it on the wall, you can dig a hole with your hands. Few of them are hard. They are generally white, gray, earthy and light, and there are not many colors." A technician from a diatom mud manufacturer told us that the diatomite wall material in Japan has superior performance, but its texture is rough. Only a few diatom mud from Qingdao and other places in China have similar performance. However, after being introduced into China, many manufacturers have improved and perfected their processes, making the diatom mud harder, richer in color, softer in surface texture and more suitable for the aesthetics of Chinese people. However, there are many problems in the processing process. For example, when adding functional additives, many small manufacturers saw that the diatom mud was selling well and there was no standard, so they took advantage of the weak point and used unqualified raw materials and functional additives to make low-cost and inferior diatom mud. Its physical adsorption and ion exchange properties were very poor, and it flowed into the market to deceive consumers

after walking around the market, I found that almost all diatom mud products on sale claimed to be "a breathing wall" and "can eliminate formaldehyde and purify the air". However, when asking about the principle, many salespeople were unable to answer. Some perfunctorily say that it is a high-tech product, and some even say that diatom mud is extracted from marine organisms. The prices vary greatly. The expensive ones are nearly 400 yuan/square meter, and the cheap ones are about 100 yuan/square meter. "In terms of labor and technology, the cost of diatom mud should be at least 200 yuan per square meter. I'm afraid that diatom mud with a cost of less than 100 yuan per square meter is inferior to even better putty." Daihuqiang, design director of Mingmei design company, told me

there are many products with the same appearance.

most of the sales of diatom mud are samples made of walls displayed in stores, and powdered diatom mud samples are rarely displayed. If there is a customer need, select a pattern, and the manufacturer will send someone to customize the construction. But there are also many similar ones in appearance. For example, color sand, please restart the experiment, which is also called sand scraping paint. Texture patterns such as sand scraping straight lines, sand scraping cross lines, sand scraping chrysanthemum lines, etc. are similar to diatom mud, but they are hard and do not absorb water after drying. Water based resin or glue must be added during construction, so it has no environmental protection and functionality at all

lindongsheng, general manager of Guangzhou Shuyuan decoration materials Co., Ltd., told us that the quality of diatom mud can not be distinguished from its appearance, and whether it can absorb formaldehyde to purify the air can not be seen by the naked eye, but the high-quality diatom mud feels soft, and it feels like pine when applied to the wall. The poor diatom mud feels rough and hard, like cement and exterior wall sandstone

in the interview, in order to emphasize the effect of their diatom mud products, some manufacturers even said that photocatalysts were added to the diatom mud products, which had better sterilization effect. However, there is an obvious loophole here. The photocatalyst must be exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun to produce effects. As an indoor wall decoration, where can we find the sunlight for diatom mud? Diatom mud is not a concept, nor is it hype. It is a synonym for a new, environmentally friendly and healthy decorative material. Only a few manufacturers exaggerate when they publicize it. Domestic wall materials pay more attention to decoration, hype and market, and few people really study the technology. Diatom mud sells for $100/m2 in Japan, while it sells for 180-300 yuan/m2 in China, less than 1/3 of the price in Japan. Even if the costs in China are far lower than those in Japan, the gross profit margin is not as high as that in Japan, but it is undeniable that the addition proportion of main materials in diatom mud synthetic materials produced and sold in China is certainly lower than that in Japan

"in the past few years, coal enterprises should also take the initiative to adapt to the new normal. Diatom mud has become a" gold mine "for manufacturers, and many users have been deceived and no longer believe in this product. If the market is so chaotic, one day, diatom mud will become one of the products that consumers love and fear, so they have no choice but to give up." The fraud of a few manufacturers has aroused the concern of several regular manufacturers. The "bad money" expels "good money" in various industries, and the building materials industry is not without precedent. Together, they are powerless in the embarrassing reality of the lack of standards

it is difficult to read organic paint beside formaldehyde

in the wall material market, the most mainstream and popular material is organic paint, also known as latex paint, which is mainly beautiful, washable and colorful. As the name suggests, organic coatings are based on latex raw materials, and latex can not be completely free of formaldehyde, just the amount of formaldehyde. The formaldehyde content of high-quality emulsion paint may not exceed the standard, but for inferior emulsion paint, the ventilation must be turned on for at least half a year after decoration

as for the art coatings on the market now, most of them are also organic coatings. The surface needs to be covered with glaze finish or metallic paint, and some require on-site color modulation. Most of them have corrosive and pungent taste. They do not absorb water after drying, which is no different from latex paint

of course, there are also some water-based coatings in the market that can meet the requirements of environmental protection, because water-based coatings are mostly processed and manufactured with plant-based raw materials and generally do not contain formaldehyde, but they are highly difficult in technology and technology. Most of them are used for high-end furniture, and wall paint is rarely used

however, there is still a pseudo water-based paint in the market, such as water-based polyester paint, which must be added with curing agent or chemicals, such as "hardener", "film enhancer", "special dilution water", etc. even though some can be diluted with water, the solvent content is very high, which is more harmful to human body, and some even exceed the toxicity of oil-based paint

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