Development of Biaxially Stretched Nylon packaging

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Development of Biaxially Stretched Nylon packaging film in the world

with the continuous growth of market demand, the global supply of BOPA film was tight from 2002 to 2003, while the supply of BOPP film and BOPET film exceeded the demand. Therefore, the investment orientation is inclined to the BOPA membrane market. The research reports of some companies also show that many companies tend to invest in new BOPA membrane equipment. Therefore, at present, most of them are concerned about the future market development trend of BOPA

in 2004, the output of world BOPA was 126000 tons, and the production capacity can basically meet the demand. Output and demand have maintained an average growth rate of 8% in the past four years. However, China's growth is strong. It is expected that the demand in the next five years will be higher than in the past. In recent years, Japan's BOP semi-finished products with good twists and turns should be stacked. The output of 1A membrane is the largest, followed by Europe and North America. Everything will change in 2009. This ranking will be reshuffled due to the emergence of China's rapid production capacity. The biggest use of BOPA film is food packaging, including meat, cheese and cooked food, as well as convenient vegetables. In this regard, the fastest way to increase its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process is cooking bags

the market characteristics of BOPA membrane have always been regional, and suppliers have been limited to a few patents and patented technology research. With the expiration of the patent, this situation has changed. At present, the largest extruder supplier can also provide this technology. 40% of BOPA membrane in Europe is produced in Italy and Germany. France and Scandinavia are also large BOPA film user countries, and their composite processing industrial capacity is very strong; The second is Japan, the United States and China. To meet the expected growth demand, the original production capacity plus the production of new manufacturers is the best way to make the spacecraft lighter. Production capacity is expected to maintain the healthy development of the industry. Among these new manufacturers, some have the expertise of extruding film, while others have completely entered a new field

source: China Food News

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