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The development of automation technology in the field of post press processing

with the improvement of printing speed, the post press processing cycle is also required to be shorter and shorter, which has caused great pressure on professional companies engaged in post press processing services, and this pressure is then transmitted to the manufacturers of post press processing equipment. Due to the lack of skilled workers and other reasons, some authorities believe that automation technology is very important for post press processing equipment. The adoption of automation technology has two purposes: to improve production speed and reduce costs. John Porter, Department Manager of LDR international, believes that the effect of using automatic folding and automatic paper cutting equipment in the binding Workshop on improving productivity is smaller than that in the printing workshop. In recent years, through the use of electronic loading and unloading machines, automatic paper breaking machines, automatic paper loading and unloading machines and other equipment, material loading and unloading operations have been improved. Automatic paper cutting technology has developed rapidly in recent years, including the promotion and adoption of CIP3 protocol to realize the process control. However, Porter personally believes that there are still some problems with the automatic paper cutting technology, mainly because the paper is not a completely stable material, and the paper cannot maintain its original size after the printing process. Porter believes that there is a misunderstanding in the programming of some automatic paper cutting machines, that is, too many functions are attempted to achieve, resulting in problems in operation and software. At present, LDR is trying to simplify the control software of the paper cutting machine. Manufacturers of binding machines and riding staplers are using computers to set up machines. In the past, users needed about 90 minutes to complete the setting of a three-sided cutter on a binding machine, but now they only need 15 to 20 minutes. The application of automation technology in folding machine is also very attractive, but there is still a problem of cost economy. Because it takes a short time to set up the origami machine, although the use of automation technology can improve productivity, it is not enough to offset the increased cost of automation. Porter believes that automation in paper stacking is very beneficial, because most folding machines now run faster than machines that remove products from their ends. Steve astins, vice president of MBO America, also noticed the development of automation technology of post press processing equipment. As people need faster and faster machines and higher requirements for automation and management information system (MIS) information, equipment manufacturers need to adopt the latest technology in their products. Of course, these products also need to be reliable, user-friendly and meet user requirements as much as possible. The latest series products of MBO company have increased the speed of the machine by 15%. At the same time, they also have the following characteristics: machine electronic tensile testing machine. What are the safety devices and operating procedures of the equipment? The work preparation time is shortened, the operator prompt information is provided, and the MC control management and data reporting system based on BDE board is adopted to control the monitoring and suction length of single page, optimize the paper feeding control, realize high-speed Vivas paper feeding and alignment for large format paper, rapidset printing plate with 65 preset jigsaw schemes, MPC large folding illustrations, etc. Kolbus American has adopted computer-aided measures in the preparation of equipment, so that the machine can be put into production faster. The company is currently in a leading position in this regard. The user communicates with a programmable logic controller (PLC) through a personal computer to realize the man-machine interface. The man-machine interface is the screen, which is as convenient as using the personal computer on the desk. The machine adopts optical fiber control, and the user can move the control board to any position in the workshop. Heidelberg post press believes that the work preparation of the machine should be as fast and simple as possible, rather than relying too much on the skills of operators. The company uses computer technology on the riding stapler to point out the preparations you need step by step through graphics. In terms of paper cutters, the company has added a device called transomat, which can automatically stack the cut materials. The company believes that paper loading and unloading is also a very important link in the binding factory. The transmission system of folding machine and riding stapler still has a lot of room for development in technology, such as the following two new technologies: in folding machine, the transmission system of printed book stickers can ensure good folding quality, and the erected Book stickers make it easier for operators to operate without bending over the machine; In the stapler, a device similar to Rima stacker is used. This device is located at the end of the horse riding stapler to transfer the ordered books to a suitable place. The operation is very simple and can improve the machine speed. Automation and flexibility are the two aspects that quad/tech International (QTI) attaches great importance to. Many customers require that the equipment should avoid manual operation and high-intensity material handling operations as far as possible, so the company has developed many material handling equipment dedicated to binding factories, such as continuous paper feeding devices, stacking machines, etc. Many precise control systems are used on these machines, such as PLC or computer control, quality control sensors, etc. Another area of application of automation technology is mechanical binding machine. With the application of loose leaf plastic clip binding and double ring spiral binding, wiping instruments with clean dry cotton cloth or cotton cloth dipped in 75% alcohol is becoming more and more popular. Spiel associate is developing and producing more machines that can meet these requirements, including automatic plastic spiral inserters. This kind of machine can increase the production speed to 700 books per hour, while the production speed of manual operation is only this/hour. In addition to being faster and more functional, the development of post press processing equipment also has the following trends. One trend is to provide simpler, more economical machines suitable for office use to meet the needs of less printing and high quality. In order to meet this requirement, DUPLO company of the United States produced the world's first self setting stapler/folding machine dbm-250. For tasks with low print count, it is very important to realize automatic setting and switching, which is conducive to saving time, improving speed, reducing waste and improving efficiency. In the past, it took minutes to switch tasks every time a new task was performed. Now the dbm-250 takes less than a minute to switch tasks. The automatic setting function is conducive to reducing the waste of printing paper and ensuring the quality. In addition, the flexibility of the equipment is also very important. The machine should be able to complete a variety of operations on paper of different materials (NCR, copper paper, 10 pound paper, etc. ---- zhongyunfei, associate professor of the school of packaging and materials engineering of Hunan University of technology, reduced the number of imported steel on the market). Another development trend is that more and more post press processing work is directly completed by commercial printers rather than handed over to professional post press processing factories, which can shorten the printing cycle, reduce transportation costs and ensure quality. Therefore, there are post press processing equipment used online with printing machinery, such as folding machine used with web printing machine

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