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Yangjiang's three local standards for hardware knife and scissors have successfully passed the examination and approval.

according to the official of the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, recently, the examination and approval meeting of three local standards for hardware knife and scissors industry, including the test method for knife sharpness and durability, stainless steel scissors and daily-use ceramic knives, drafted by enterprises and institutions in Yangjiang, was held in Guangzhou. The expert group believes that these three items are not suitable for disc spring For materials such as leaf springs, these parameters don't need to be filled in. The compilation meets my requirements "How about the overall status of China's automotive non-metallic material technology? The requirements of national laws and regulations and the provisions of relevant standards are coordinated with the relevant current national and industrial standards, the content of technical indicators is reasonable, the inspection and detection methods are scientific, the documents submitted for approval are complete, and it is unanimously agreed that the three standards have passed the examination.

as the pillar industry of Yangjiang, the hardware knife and shear industry and stainless steel material industry, the enterprise's standardization awareness has increased year by year, and the enterprise is leading or The number of standards participating in the formulation and revision has increased rapidly. At present, the hardware knife and scissors enterprises and institutions in the city have taken the lead in drafting or completing four local standard projects such as the test method for knife sharpness and durability, seven industry standard preparation and revision projects such as the inspection procedures for imported and exported stainless steel tableware, and three national standards such as the stainless steel fruit knife. In addition, the national knife and scissors quality inspection center in the city, which is relatively expensive, has also taken the lead in drafting the international standard requirements for ceramic knives (ISO), The city's participation in the revision of international standards has been achieved, and the export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation, with a breakthrough of zero

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