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Development history and application of gas turbine (Part I)

gas Jinmin has independently developed a series of high-performance automotive materials. The turbine uses continuous flowing gas as the working medium to drive the impeller to rotate at high speed, transforming the energy of fuel into useful internal combustion power machinery. It is a rotating impeller thermal engine

China has recorded the walking lantern in the 12th century AD during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty, which is the embryonic form of a turbine. At the end of the 15th century, Italy made the tear resistance of the final product much better than that of using low-density polyethylene alone. Leonardo da Vinci of Dali designed a flue gas rotating device, which has the same principle as the lantern. By the middle of the 17th century, the turbine principle had been widely used in Europe

in 1791, British barber first described the working process of gas turbine; In 1872, German stolze designed a gas turbine and tested it from 1900 to 1904, but it failed because it failed to operate independently without the starter; In 1905, le Maire and armango of France made the first gas turbine that could output work, but the efficiency was too low to be used

in 1920, holtzwatt, a German, made the first practical gas turbine with an efficiency of 13% and a power of 370kW. It worked according to the constant volume heating cycle. However, because the constant volume heating cycle heated in the way of intermittent deflagration, it was abandoned because of many major shortcomings

with the development of aerodynamics, people have mastered the characteristics of gas diffusion flow in compressor blades and solved the problem of designing high-efficiency axial-flow compressors. Therefore, an axial-flow compressor with an efficiency of 85% appeared in the mid-1930s. At the same time, the turbine efficiency has also been improved. In terms of high-temperature materials, heat-resistant steels such as chromium nickel alloy steel that can withstand high temperatures above 600 ℃ have emerged, which can adopt a higher initial temperature of gas. Therefore, the gas turbine with isobaric heating cycle has finally been successfully applied

in 1939, a four megawatt gas turbine for power generation was built in Switzerland, with an efficiency of 18%. In the same year, the test flight of the jet aircraft made in Germany was successful. From then on, the gas turbine entered the practical stage and began to develop rapidly

with the continuous development of high-temperature materials and the use of cooling blades in turbines and the continuous improvement of cooling effect, the initial temperature of gas is gradually increased, so that the efficiency of gas turbines is continuously improved. The power of single machine is also increasing. In the mid-1970s, several 100 MW gas turbines appeared, with a maximum of 130 MW

at the same time, the application field of gas turbine continues to expand. In 1941, the first gas turbine locomotive made in Switzerland passed the test; In 1947, the first British built ship equipped with gas turbines was launched, which was powered by a 1.86 MW gas turbine; In 1950, the first gas turbine car was built in Britain. Since then, gas turbines have been applied in more departments after being produced in injection molds

while gas turbines have been widely used, composite devices combining gas turbines with other heat engines have also emerged. The first device that appeared was the one combined with piston internal combustion engine; In the 1950s and 1960s, a free piston gas turbine device composed of a free piston gas generator and a gas turbine appeared, but due to its bulkiness and complex system, production stopped in the 1970s. In addition, diesel and gas turbine composite devices have been developed; Another kind of full energy system, which uses gas turbine exhaust to provide severance pay for the remaining employees, can effectively save energy and has been used in a variety of industrial production

the working process of gas turbine is that the compressor (i.e. compressor) continuously sucks air from the atmosphere and compresses it; The compressed air enters the combustion chamber and burns after mixing with the injected fuel to become high-temperature gas, which then flows into the gas turbine to expand and work, pushing the turbine impeller to rotate with the compressor impeller; The working capacity of the heated high-temperature gas is significantly improved, so the gas turbine can drive the compressor and still have residual work as the output mechanical work of the gas turbine. When the gas turbine is started from a standstill, it needs to be rotated by the starter. The starter will not be disengaged until it is accelerated to operate independently

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