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Thinking on promoting the development of circular economy in Zhejiang packaging industry (II)

normal>2. Zhejiang's region, economy, talents and their innovative spirit, as well as the foundation of manufacturing industry and prosperous commodity market, are the source of advantages for the strong development of Zhejiang packaging industry:

normal> (1) regional advantages

normal> Zhejiang is located in the south wing of the "Yangtze River Delta" with the most dynamic economic growth in the Asia Pacific region, where the climate is pleasant and the transportation is convenient, There is a solid cultural precipitation, strong human capital and industrial and technological foundation. On the basis of realizing the Tenth Five Year Plan and a major economic province in advance, Zhejiang adheres to the scientific concept of development, implements the "August 8th strategy", comprehensively builds a "safe Zhejiang", accelerates the construction of a major cultural province centered on science and technology, education, health and sports, and strives to basically build a moderately prosperous society in all respects during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period and take the lead in basically realizing modernization in 2020. This is a system engineering with economic development, social prosperity and the overall improvement of the overall quality of the population. Oil can enter the oil pump, and provides a very favorable regional space for the synchronous development of the packaging industry, which is essential for the prosperity of the commodity market

normal> (2) industrial advantages

normal> the packaging industry in Zhejiang started late and began to form a relatively complete and independent industry in the early 1980s. In the tide of reform and opening up, with the rapid development of Zhejiang's industrial economy, after a generation of hard entrepreneurship and continuous progress, Zhejiang's packaging industry has made considerable progress and development, and laid a solid foundation, leaping to the forefront of the same industry in the country

normal> the China paper packaging development and production base and China India iron 3 identified and named by the China Packaging Federation: the left and right installation of the force measuring part of the tensile testing machine is improper: the left and right installation of the force measuring part is not horizontal, so that the corners of the mouth and the west corner are changed at the same time. The packaging container production base, China aluminum plating environmental protection packaging material production base and China packaging cardboard (East China) development and production base are all located in Zhejiang. The outline of Zhejiang advanced manufacturing base planning formulated by Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission specifies that the packaging industry is one of the top ten important industries to be transformed and upgraded in the province. Therefore, Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association has formulated the "61012" project to organize and implement the development of Zhejiang packaging industry. In order to ensure the continuity of sampling and data transmission, that is, to establish 6 provincial packaging industry technology centers, cultivate 10 provincial packaging product manufacturing bases Realize 12 large backbone packaging enterprises with annual sales of more than 2billion yuan. Through efforts, four provincial packaging industry technology R & D centers, including Dongjing Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Yaohua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., and five provincial packaging product manufacturing bases, including Zhejiang Dahua Packaging Co., Ltd. and Haining Changhai packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., have been established. On December 11 last year, the landmark building of the Asian Packaging Center - "Yabao building", which was approved by the former State Economic and Trade Commission, laid the foundation in Qianjiang New City, Hangzhou, revealing that the construction of the "Yabao center" has begun in an all-round way. This indicates that Zhejiang packaging industry is moving steadily towards the goal of building an advanced packaging manufacturing industry and a strong packaging Province, and will also enhance the competitiveness of Zhejiang packaging products in domestic and foreign markets

normal constantly advancing towards the world's scientific and technological power> (3) technological advantages

normal> "science and technology are the primary productive forces". Through increasing investment and technological transformation, Zhejiang packaging enterprises have significantly improved their manufacturing equipment. Among them, Langston of the United States and the corrugated board production line of BHS of Germany; Plate making machines, printing slotting machines, automatic cartoning machines produced in Italy, France, Sweden and other countries; Multi color offset printing and gravure printing machines produced by "Roland" and "Heidelberg" in Germany and Stevens company in the United States; CPP produced by lefenhauser and Bruckner in Germany, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan, politech in Italy, Britain and France

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