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The investigation of the environmental and Resource Protection Committee of the National People's Congress shows that at present, China's packaging waste accounts for more than 10% of urban household garbage, and its volume constitutes more than 30% of household garbage. The cost of packaging far exceeds the internationally accepted practice of not exceeding 20% of the value of goods

when referring to packaging waste, Wang Weiping, a famous garbage expert in China, also believes that the "packaging waste" in cities has shown a significant upward trend in recent years, accounting for an increasing proportion of citizens' domestic waste. Moreover, according to the current situation and considering all factors, it takes about 150 yuan to treat a ton of garbage, which costs more than the value of 1 gram of gold

nowadays, many businesses do not spend a lot of energy on improving product quality, but blindly pursue "high-grade" packaging, which damages the interests of consumers

Supplier: over packaged "insider"

Mr. Zhao is a supplier in Xi'an, acting as an agent for a well-known domestic moon cake brand all year round. He said that now moon cakes have become a special commodity, which has gone beyond the scope of food and is more like a gift. After all, it is too shabby to give people loose moon cakes, which gave birth to the emergence of luxury moon cakes

in addition to the consumption mentality of ordinary people, Mr. Zhao believes that manufacturers have also contributed to the excessive packaging of moon cakes. Not only consumers, but also manufacturers. In order to make their moon cakes in a favorable position in the market competition, moon cake manufacturers do not hesitate to increase the size on the upper layer of the packaging. Because only when the packaging satisfies consumers, manufacturers can sell more moon cakes and earn more profits. Mr. Zhao calculated an account: Generally speaking, the price of a 100g moon cake on the market is between 6 yuan and 10 yuan. If you pack six in a box, it can only sell for 60 to 70 yuan with an ordinary box, but it can sell for hundreds or even thousands of yuan with a luxury box. Why not manufacturers? In particular, those moon cake manufacturers who are not well-known need to attract customers' attention through luxury packaging to achieve the purpose of high profits. In this regard, Mr. Zhao believes that those well-known moon cake brands are doing well. For example, the brand he represents is well-known, and its quality and taste are well-known in the market, so he doesn't care much about the packaging, and the price is between 100 yuan and 200 yuan

at the same time, the emergence of luxury moon cakes is also related to the strong promotion of sales terminals. Mr. Zhao said that now in Xi'an, a moon cake brand needs to enter a supermarket. Generally, each branch has to pay an entry fee of 15000 yuan. The entry period is three weeks before the Mid Autumn Festival and 7 p.m. on the day of the Mid Autumn Festival. If a supplier sells 100000 yuan of goods in the supermarket during this period, the supermarket will take at least 25000 yuan of sales rebates, plus the entry fee, and almost take 40% of the profits. It can be said that the supermarket is sure to make a profit. It is precisely because it is profitable that supermarkets will make great efforts to help manufacturers promote sales. Every Mid Autumn Festival, which supermarket does not put moon cakes in the most prominent position for people to choose and buy, and various promotions also emerge in endlessly, which in the final analysis is a "benefit" word in mischief. At present, the sky high price moon cakes with thousands of yuan on the market are actually a means of building momentum. Generally, manufacturers only put a few boxes in a city and choose to display them in some famous shopping malls. As soon as the moon cakes are put out, they will certainly attract the attention of the media and citizens. Manufacturers have achieved the purpose of promoting their brands, and businesses have also been given the opportunity to attract attention. It can be said that everyone is happy. In fact, few of these moon cakes can be sold

manufacturers believe that from "poor" to "excessive"

"excessive packaging" is now widely questioned by the society. More than 20 years ago, China's goods suffered a lot of dumb losses in foreign trade because of "stupid, big and thick". The annual loss caused by poor packaging is 10 billion yuan, the so-called "first-class products, second-class packaging, third-class prices". Not long after China's packaging industry got rid of the old "bad" disease, it has now fallen into a new "excessive" problem

during the interview, I heard more than one manufacturer say that they are also overwhelmed by the high packaging cost. They hope to have a relatively clear packaging standard and industry standard to make their products more "authentic"

time honored brand view: "packaging" is an act of dishonesty

Li Zhenlin, general manager of Qingdao Shengxifu Industrial Company, recalled the scenes of visiting relatives in the past with great emotion: "In the 1970s, when visiting relatives and buying several moon cakes, the store placed the moon cakes in the shape of a pyramid, wrapped them with a thin layer of rice paper, and pasted a piece of red paper with the name of the store on it, which is not wasteful but also full of human feelings. Now the packaging of moon cakes will fall off the paint whistle soon, and it will sell at a sky high price. Who would ordinary people buy them?"

Sheng Xifu hat store operated by Li Zhenlin is a Chinese time-honored brand with a history of nearly 100 years. He told that time-honored brands never attract customers with excessive packaging. Today, hat shops still get customers' support by relying on real goods. He believes that what an enterprise and a commodity can gain the trust and recognition of the people is the business reputation and product quality, rather than the packaging of products. Business management is to make people buy affordable. There is nothing wrong with commodity packaging, but there should be a degree. Raising the overall price of goods in disguised form through excessive packaging is a fraud, which is not in line with business ethics

people in the packaging industry: behind excessive packaging is fraud

some people in the packaging industry believe that behind excessive packaging is profiteering or even fraud, and consumers should maintain a mature consumer psychology

on October 29, I saw in a liquor store that there were thirty or forty varieties of wine of a brand according to different packaging. The ordinary glass bottles were more than ten yuan. Some wine was packed in exquisite cardboard boxes, decorated with silk. There was only one bottle of wine in the box with enough volume to hold five bottles of wine. Two wine glasses were only used in a small range by researchers, and they sold more than 500 yuan. A woman spent more than 300 yuan on a bottle of wine. The woman told me that the wine was given away as a gift. It was packaged and labeled with a price tag. It was also given to human noodles. A person who specializes in selling wine told that many wines are "gift wines", which are actually no different from ordinary packaged ones

according to a person in charge of a carton factory in Taiyuan, on the eve of the mid autumn festival every year, the business volume of the factory is the largest, and many food enterprises need to customize moon cake boxes. Some enterprises cost less than 10 yuan for a box of moon cakes, and the cost spent on the box accurate to 0.1MPa is even at high prices, and some even exceed the cost of moon cakes. Moon cakes costing less than 30 yuan sold for 150 yuan in the supermarket. Of course, this part of the inflated price was passed on to consumers. Some businesses over package goods in order to make huge profits, and also contribute to the unhealthy trend of gift giving

Liang Ping, executive vice president of Taiyuan packaging and Printing Association, believes that excessive packaging will also cause problems such as waste of packaging materials and environmental pollution. Although there is a convention in the international packaging industry, that is, the value of packaging does not exceed 20% of the value of goods. However, this is only an industry practice and has no binding force on merchants and manufacturers. Liang Ping suggested that at present, in addition to strengthening the guidance of manufacturers and merchants, whether the state can introduce industrial norms and regulations to regulate the packaging materials, the value ratio of packaging and commodities, and curb excessive packaging

expert suggestions: a number of measures to solve the "garbage siege"

although the garbage treatment rate in China has reached 58.2%, harmless treatment only accounts for about 20%; Among the 660 cities in the country, 220 are surrounded by garbage. To this end, Du Yijin, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and vice chairman of the financial and Economic Committee of the National People's Congress, proposed that five measures should be taken to solve the problem of "garbage besieging the city". Several of them involve packaging:

first, vigorously promote circular economy. Promoting the reduction, recycling and harmlessness of garbage and vigorously developing circular economy are important components of adhering to the strategy of sustainable development. 2、 Advocate green GDP system. The current calculation method of GDP ignores the impact of economic development on the environment, resulting in waste emissions not included in the cost of GDP. 3、 Promote green packaging. Nowadays, there are more and more urban garbage, one of the reasons is excessive packaging

foreign strategies: three ways to control excessive packaging

many countries in the world have reached a consensus and gained a lot of experience in controlling the excessive packaging phenomenon of "selling goods for one skin". Experts believe that these experiences can be called "stones from other mountains" for China to effectively control and reduce packaging waste

according to Mao Rubai, chairman of the environmental and Resource Protection Committee of the National People's Congress, at present, there are three main types of control means for excessive packaging abroad: the first type is standard control, that is, set restrictions on the volume of packaging, the gap between packaging and goods, the number of packaging layers, and the ratio of packaging cost to commodity value. Such as South Korea, Japan, Canada and other countries

the second type is economic means control, such as imposing packaging tax on non paper packaging and packaging that cannot meet the recycling requirements, such as Belgium. In addition, through waste measurement and charging, consumers are guided to choose simple packaging, such as the Netherlands

the third category is to increase the number of producers, which stipulates that commodity producers are responsible for recycling commodity packaging. Usually, deposit system can be used to entrust relevant commercial institutions to recycle packaging. In order to facilitate recycling, producers will actively choose packaging designs that use less materials and are easy to recycle. Such as Germany, France and other countries

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