How much is the price of Shandong CNC four axis ma

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How much is the price of Shandong CNC four axis machining center

NC four axis machining center is an upgraded product of general machining center, which can be used to process molds and parts with complex shapes. It has more powerful processing capacity, and also has the advantages of reducing the number of product clamping, greatly improving the processing power and completing the multi-faceted processing of products. So how much is the price of Shandong CNC four axis machining center? The price of the four axis machining center depends on the price of the fourth axis dividing head. Generally, the manufacturers of four axis machining centers use the fourth axis dividing head of the third party. The price of the dividing head made in China is far from that of the imported dividing head. We generally want to talk about the accuracy of the dividing head. The better the accuracy, the more expensive it will be

what are the advantages of adding the fourth axis to the CNC machining center? Adding the fourth axis can make the machining plane of the tool more extensive, and reduce the repeated clamping of the workpiece. The powder laying of the first layer can improve the overall machining accuracy of the workpiece, which is conducive to simplifying the process and improving the production power. To shorten the production time, many enterprises need to use four axis machining centers. The three axes are XYZ three straight-line moving coordinates, and the fourth axis is generally a rotating axis, which can make the viewpoint shift between the tool and the workpiece, that is, the main export destinations of the tool axis and the workpiece surface are Japan and South Korea. Now the epidemic situation is gradually disappearing, which is a viewpoint of the process. Can expand the scale of processing

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