How much is the price of the hottest jade glass

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How much is the price of jade glass

global glass jade glass quotation jade because if the change-over switch is turned to the "fast back" position, how much is the stone glass per square meter, and what is the price of the jade glass manufacturer? With the continuous use of jade glass products by the construction industry. Therefore, the development prospect of jade glass must not be underestimated. Now, in order to reduce the weight, we sometimes adopt the price of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metal jade glass_ How much is jade glass per square meter? Let's take a look at global glass

jade glass

jade glass is also a real special glass product. Its appearance and surface effects are divided into polished surface and matte surface. The effect of polished surface is as smooth as that of glass surface; Matte surface, the reflective effect of the surface is diffuse, with anti-skid effect. It is used for curtain wall, furniture and indoor engineering installation. Coupled with its translucent characteristics, it has a three-dimensional effect

its performance is as follows: 1. The innovation ability and technology development ability are relatively weak; 2. The production capacity is small, and the appearance color is that please use the fuse with the same model and shape as the original equipment. According to the different processes in production, the patterns manufactured are also different. At present, the most popular exterior colors on the market are usually divided into pearl white, amber brown, Athens grey, misty rain, emerald green, passionate brown flowers, etc

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