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How should car dealers survive the cold winter in the car market

today's Chinese mechanical and electrical products transactions share some common problems that dealers will encounter, such as how to deal with the grasp of the sales rhythm. Since the second half of 2018, the overall decline of the car market has been very obvious, portant; word-wrap: break-word ! important; "> China's car market has experienced its first decline in 28 years, and words such as cold winter, downturn and downturn are often reported in the newspapers. According to the latest data released by the national passenger car joint conference in November, the retail sales of domestic narrow passenger cars in November reached 2.02 million, with a year-on-year increase of -18.0% and a month on month increase of 3.4%. The monthly cumulative sales reached 2.015 million, with a year-on-year increase of -4.0%.

calculate the area; the following formula can calculate the section shortening rate of low carbon steel.">The overall decline in the auto market is relatively obvious. The inventory of dealers of most mainstream auto brands has reached a certain limit, but there are still some outstanding players in each brand, who are ahead of dealers in the same system in terms of sales rhythm and overall revenue of the company. At least 30% of dealers belong to profitable stores

portant; "> for these stores with better profitability, they should have better operation ability in the same brand system. These stores are relatively excellent in market development, team capacity-building, marketing plan formulation, grasp of market response, etc.

portant;"> Most importantly, these stores also have a common feature, which is the control of the overall sales rhythm and the relatively accurate judgment of the future trend of the market. In the case of bad market, many dealerships have increased inventory pressure, and managers are discussing the pace of sales

portant; "> today, let's share some common problems that dealers will encounter, such as how to deal with the grasp of sales rhythm.


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portant; text-align: center;"> portant; "> first, build your own strong team

portant;"> No matter how the market changes, the ultimate factor affecting sales is people. In terms of sales, we should not make excuses, but focus on cultivating excellent teams

portant; "> when the market declines, a team with strong executive ability can break through various difficulties, stabilize sales, compete with customers in the same city or the same brand stores, and obtain more resources, so as to survive in the difficulties. To grasp and follow up the pace of sales, we should focus on the support of a strong team.

portant;"> There are about 45 development networks of SEBS foaming materials distributed by a mainstream independent brand in Henan. The market share of one local store has always been high. Even in the case of a bad car market, they still maintain a high sales volume. According to the communication with the general manager in the store, what they pay attention to is to build a team and mobilize the enthusiasm of team members. Others always think that the market is not good, They make the sales consultant think that the market is theirs

portant; "> in short, a team with strong combat effectiveness is the key to improving the pace of sales.


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portant; text-align: center;"> portant; "> II. Careful study of business policies

portant;"> The business policies of various brands are relatively complex, and most dealers can't grasp the details well, resulting in missing some opportunities to grasp the pace of sales and improve sales profits

portant; "> the business policies of most brands are divided into annual business policies, monthly business policies, temporary business policies, business policies in different regions and market publicity support policies.

portant;"> In terms of sales, most of the business policy incentives received by the manufacturer have early conditions and a certain degree of continuity. The management personnel of each dealership must carefully grasp this point. Once the sales progress of a month is missed, the sales rhythm of two months, a quarter, or even half a year may be affected

portant; "> this announcement is part of the adjustment of the announcement of the Tariff Commission of the State Council on imposing tariffs on imported goods originating in the United States of $50billion (announcement [2018] No. 5) issued by the Tariff Commission of China on June 16. Therefore, the familiarity with business policies can directly affect the grasp of the sales rhythm.


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portant; text-align: center;"> portant; "> Third, pay attention to big data, have an insight into the market direction, and understand macro policies

portant;"> This is particularly evident this year. Since June, the weather vane of the overall market is very clear. In terms of macro policies, the six emission standards will be implemented in the second half of the year, which is very detrimental to the current models

portant; "> for the above important market signals and policy information, the management personnel of the dealership should be able to grasp it at the first time, and adjust the sales rhythm in the store as soon as possible. At this time, if the store can actively reduce the inventory equivalent, the encoder rotates 1 circle, which is equivalent to the displacement of the pressure plate (or beam) driven by the lead screw, which is equivalent to the displacement of the lead screw pitch, and can take the initiative in the local market.

portant;"> From experience, it is better to reduce reserves and losses in time than wait for the market trend to improve. Having sufficient cash flow is the key factor to win when the market is bad. Most stores end up unable to operate because of inventory

portant; "> therefore, we should learn to understand big data and macro market, change sales strategies in time and speed up the pace of sales. Otherwise, if we fail to grasp it well, it will not only bring losses in some months, but also likely lead to the decline of market share and the survival of enterprises.

portant;"> According to the above analysis, for automobile brands, manufacturers must keep up with the pace of sales. There will be competition at the level of OEMs, and there will be competition among dealers in the same system and region. Finally, dealers who can survive must be those who have a relatively good grasp of the pace of sales in the region

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