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Market space or "water injection" time-sharing lease "money" landscape

Abstract: one is the global auto giant, the brother company of Mercedes Benz; One is a local rookie, the largest time-sharing leasing operator in China. Chongqing, therefore, has also become a sample to study the wind direction of car time-sharing leasing: how much is the "money" of time-sharing leasing? "Foreign gun" vs "earth gun", who is better

in April 2016, Chongqing became the only Asian city in which Daimler launched the car2go project, an international giant. At the end of the year, Guozheng, the project leader of car2go and the chief operating officer of Daimler Zhixing transportation service group in China, revealed that he intended to replicate Chongqing's experience to other cities

as early as the end of 2015, panda, a local time-sharing rental service provider in Chongqing, began to layout. The latest information disclosed by the media shows that in 2017, panda will expand its layout in Chengdu, Hangzhou and other cities

one is the global auto giant, the brother company of Mercedes Benz with the strong support of the state; One is a local rookie, the largest time-sharing leasing operator in China. Chongqing, therefore, has also become a sample to study the wind direction of car time-sharing leasing: how much is the "money" of time-sharing leasing? "Foreign gun" vs "earth gun", who is better

market space or "water injection"

studies have shown that the potential market for timeshare leasing in China will reach about 130billion yuan. There is even a view that private cars will be gradually replaced by time-sharing rental cars in the future

however, this is probably the "wishful thinking" of capital

in 2016, the number of private cars in China was nearly 200 million, but the number of motor vehicle driver's license holders was as high as 350million, and more than 100 million people "own their own cars without cars". Theoretically, these groups are potential customers of timeshare leasing. But the reality is that the so-called "car free people" also include people who share cars with their families (for example, a family of three has a car), or people whose economic income is too low to buy cars. Licensed people who have cars at home will not rent cars too often, while people with low economic income will consider economic factors more and will not rent cars and drive by themselves easily

Li Ruimin, an associate professor of the Transportation Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said in an interview with this newspaper that time-sharing leasing is only a substitute and supplement to existing transportation modes. "I don't deny the market prospect of time-sharing leasing, but at least for now, its demand is not rigid."

high rent is daunting

the second hurdle faced by car time-sharing leasing is the high cost of use

the pricing method of car2go after entering Chongqing is: 1.19 yuan/kilometer and 0.59 yuan/minute. A simple calculation is made. If it takes about 20 minutes from Jiefangbei in Yuzhong to Tianjie street in Beicheng, Jiangbei, the rent is about 22 yuan. Taking the didi express only costs about 16 yuan, and the price is lower if you carpool

car2go officials say that in Chongqing, a car2go car is rented every 1.2 minutes, but globally, the frequency is 1.4 seconds. The use frequency is too low, which also leads to the low investment of car2go in Chongqing, which is only 600 vehicles. This figure is only a fraction of its global investment of 125000 vehicles

in contrast, the use cost of panda is lower: 19 yuan/hour, and 99 yuan for the whole day. The relatively low use cost makes it more acceptable in the market. At present, the investment of panda is about 3000 vehicles, and each vehicle is used for an average of 7 hours a day

operating costs remain high

take car2go as an example, its operating vehicle is smart for two, and the market price is about 130000 yuan. The operating cost of panda is relatively low. Its vehicle adopts Lifan ev330 new energy vehicle, and the price is only about 40000 yuan - excluding the cost of power replacement and charging

according to the average level in the industry - the battery cost per kilowatt is 2000 yuan, and each ev330 will cost more than 20000 yuan only for batteries. As an operating vehicle, panda company should at least prepare nearly twice the battery for users to replace. In other words, the actual purchase cost of each vehicle of panda is about 80000 yuan

a media once calculated that if a new energy vehicle worth 90000 yuan needs to recover its cost in three years, the monthly single vehicle cost is about 2800 yuan, plus charging fees and parking fees. According to the rental frequency of three times a day, 60 yuan an hour can maintain a break even. In fact, panda has not reached this level yet

in fact, whether car2go or panda, when this newspaper asked about its profitability, it was either silent or evasive. Gaoyu, general manager of panda car rental, said that at present, the cost pressure is not small. In addition to the purchase cost of vehicles, the company also faces the pressure of parking fees, insurance premiums, road and bridge fees, labor costs and so on

throughout the world, time-sharing leasing is generally facing profit problems. For example, in Paris, the time-sharing rental project of electric vehicles was launched in 2013. At present, more than 3000 electric vehicles have been operated, but the project has not yet been profitable

user experience is not satisfactory.

timeshare leasing advocates convenience and sharing, but in terms of user experience, it is still difficult to be satisfactory

take car2go as an example. Theoretically, you can park in the municipal parking space and the special parking space of Longhu business for free. However, the survey found that even if there are free parking spaces, some parking space managers will still refuse to park for free on the grounds of "unclear". Some citizens park their cars in toll parking lots, and the next user will face high parking fees when using them

different from car2go's "stop and go" mode, panda adopts the fixed-point return mode, which avoids the difficulty of parking and finding a car to a certain extent, but the return process is relatively longer, which also affects the user's experience. Taking Yuzhong District as an example, its parking spots are relatively scattered, and the destination may be 66 kilometers away from the drop off point. Consumers still need to "make a second trip" after returning the car, which has a great impact on hourly short-term car rental users

Li Ruimin said that to replace private cars for travel, a medium-sized and large-scale community needs to layout more than 100 cars, and the overall investment in a second tier city should be calculated as 100000. This lubricating oil is simply condensed, and it is difficult for Daimler or Lifan to do so at present

what is the real intention of the operator

at present, most domestic time-sharing leasing operators are automobile manufacturers. Its wishful thinking is to sell cars to rental companies through B2B of car enterprises, so that users can understand, be familiar with and use the car, and finally sell multiple similar cars to end users. In this process, time-sharing rental operators using new energy vehicles will also establish charging and replacement networks to further promote the popularity of new energy vehicles

in addition, unlike traditional car rental, time-sharing car rental has a larger number of users and a higher frequency of use, and relies on the Internet to operate. During the use of users, their age, gender, use preferences and other information will be transmitted to operators through the Internet. Operators collect and sort out these data, so as to form "big data" according to the information of Anhui Provincial Department of science and technology, expand a broader market space, and become the weight of the gold rush capital market

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