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How should coating enterprises cope with the coming of the era of "changing the old appearance into a new one"

in the era of "changing the old appearance into a new one", Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has superior quality manufacturers and trustworthy products. How should the coating enterprises deal with it

June 01, 2016

[China paint information] in recent years, China's real estate market has ended its explosive growth trend, the growth rate has slowed down, and the demand pressure has weakened. With the sluggish performance of the property market, the issue of "repainting market" was conceived in the coating industry

most of the existing commercial houses in China were built in the 1990s or around 2000. After more than ten years of use, the interior walls are seriously old and stained. Considering the demand for repainting old houses in the 1970s and 1980s, the repainting market of old houses has become an attractive cake. So in the face of the re coating era of "changing the old appearance into a new one", how should coating enterprises deal with it

improvement of environmental protection performance of coating products

the health and environmental protection of coating products should always be put in the first place, especially in the recoating market, the requirements for coating quality will be more critical. The owner may have only one house to repaint the old house, and needs to go out for temporary residence during the decoration process. The owner is eager to have the repainting period as short as possible. In this case, green environmental protection has become a key link in the repainting of the interior walls of old houses. Therefore, only paint enterprises develop products that are more in line with national standards and are less harmful to people can they really win the favor of the secondary decoration and recoating market

strengthen cooperation with decoration companies to provide one-stop painting service promise: projectors meet national standards or relevant standards

for coating enterprises, doing one-stop painting service means transforming from a single mode of selling products to a new business mode of selling services. Compared with the new decoration, repainting pays more attention to service. In order to help owners solve the problem of recoating construction, coating enterprises can not only provide recoating and refreshing business, which can be rapidly implemented all over the world, but also launch humanized decoration services. Therefore, when using it, do not point your eyes at the launch port and look directly at the construction team for professional training. At present, famous paint enterprises such as Nippon have made efforts in the old house renewal market

actively create a new home decoration mode combining online and offline

actively create a one-stop overall home decoration solution in the "Internet +" era. Reshape young users' home decoration consumption habits, accelerate consumption upgrading, and promote new service standards in the home decoration industry. Traditional painting enterprises have opened online services in combination with the Internet, and a large number of Internet home decoration platforms have emerged one after another, and a new round of secret war has begun

some people say that in 2016, China's old house refresh market will enter a rapid explosive growth period. However, whether this "golden age" has really arrived cannot be judged only by the factors of the real estate market. However, in the context of more and more people pursuing new and high-quality lifestyles and living environment, the recoating market may be forming a trend. Whether we can seize this "opportunity" depends on the flexibility of major coating enterprises

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