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The porch is the door to the Tao, which cannot be ignored in the decoration of the room. To create a healthy living environment, the important role of Feng Shui cannot be ignored. Geomantic omen is also crucial for the entrance to the house. Look at the feng shui knowledge brought by Xiaobian, which can be used as a reference for everyone when decorating the porch, so as to create a healthy room

the porch is one of the most important components of the housing core, which can be said to be the throat of the housing. It gives the entrant the feeling equivalent to the first impression between people. According to psychological analysis, the first impression usually occurs in the first seven seconds, which is basically the same time as entering the house to examine the porch and adjust the breath. In the west, the porch represents the family's money luck, which has a decisive impact on the good or bad luck of the house luck

the porch is the buffer area from the gate to the living room, which allows the sports entrants to calm down and calm down. At the same time, it is the only way to introduce air into the house. Therefore, its layout can directly affect the feng shui of the house

there are large entrances at the entrance of China's traditional big houses, while the houses in modern cities are generally narrow in area. If the traditional large entrances are set, it will obviously feel that the space is limited and difficult to move. So the compromise is to use the glass screen as the interval, so as to prevent the external air from rushing straight into the living room from the gate, and at the same time, make the narrow porch not too narrow

the interval of the living room porch should be solid below to prevent leakage, and mainly transparent above. Therefore, transparent frosted glass or hollow Bogu frame can be used

in the United States and Canada, the living room, dining room and bedroom of many residences are not aligned with the door, and the opposite door is either the stairs or the walls, so the trouble of entering the house by wind and sand can be avoided. The eastern style residential design is the entrance hall without a porch. If the gate is attacked by the wind and sand, sitting in the living room will be deeply disturbed. If the gate is just facing the northwest or

those houses close to the ground are often easy to be penetrated by the strong wind and sand dust outside. After the porch is set, it can be windproof and dustproof, thus maintaining the warmth and cleanliness of the room

the living room is the place of daily sitting and gathering of a family, and it is the activity center of the family, so it should not be too exposed. If the living room is open and private, and everyone's every move in the family is at a glance outside the gate, it will lack a sense of security, which is not a good omen from the perspective of Feng Shui

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