The whole house is customized. I choose Hesheng Ya

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Big brother Guang: a better life is customized. I chose Hesheng Yaju

and I didn't expect it at all.

the Xiaohe circle of friends was brushed by a Guang.

who is a Guang?

please listen to Xiaohe sing carefully.

having a baby is not necessarily a blessing. If you want to marry a daughter-in-law, you need to divide the house

the old house flies into the wild geese, Chicken and Duck Talk about eye roll

eye roll


what Xiaohe wants to say is that this movie

people living in Guangdong all know

foreign daughter-in-law local Lang

from 2000 to 2018

has been shot for 18 years, 3000 episodes +, and is still popular now

Xiaohe is really a capital suit

it is worthy of being a full memory of childhood. Killing

a Guang

is the eldest of our four brothers in the Kang family

the most exciting thing

it happens that a Guang needs to order furniture

it happens that our professional whole house customization

a wonderful fate

it starts like this

although he didn't come to the scene in person

, a Guang's smile of trust.

let Xiaohe be full of infinite fighting spirit again

thank you A Guang's recognition of Hesheng Yaju

we will continue to make persistent efforts

whole house customization for 12 years

we are serious

after 12 years of market precipitation, Hesheng Yaju has become the most eye-catching dark horse in the industry, and is the first whole house customization brand integrating board wood customization, cabinet customization, solid wood customization and children customization in the industry. Tongliya, a film and television superstar, is passionate about endorsing Hesheng Yaju's brand concept of "customizing a better life" and delivering high-quality green household products to thousands of households

the highest environmental protection grade EO environmental protection plate is first introduced to ensure its health and environmental protection from the source; It has a large-scale international household product production base, which adopts German Haomai flexible production throughout the process, and the production process is perfect. It provides consumers with a one-stop household overall solution design scheme to create a high-end, fashionable and beautiful household life

Milan style


Ode to Paris

there are so many good-looking ones

no wonder brother Guang Hui has a special preference

better life customization

I choose Hesheng elegant residence





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