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Looking at the various commodity promotions in the retail stores of doors and windows, whether it is the content of promotional activities or the way of promotional activities, activities that are not carefully organized and planned will always have the shadow of rivals, and the homogenization of commodity promotion has become a great drawback

how to make new ideas and differences in the promotional activities of door and window products? Guanhao door and window editor believes that the promotional activities of door and window products cannot be equated with the addition of sales volume. The addition of sales volume is only the result of promotion. To complete this result, we have to find a way to start with the process of promotion activities. Any practice of directly demanding results without the process is not worth the loss. In connection with years of experience in promotional activities planning, in order to achieve the purpose of sales increment, Guanhao door and window editor summarized: innovative ideas for promotional activities in seven stores

first, let more consumers know that a store

a good promotional activity, in addition to new ideas that can impress customers, the transmission of promotional information is a very important factor. The fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. It has already spent money on promotion. It is necessary to pick up the horn and publicize it loudly, so that more people know your promotion activities and let more people convey your promotion activities. Traditional promotion methods include TV media, newspaper advertising, radio broadcasting, DM delivery, etc. under the influence of new media, network promotion, microblog promotion, wechat promotion have become new publicity subjects. In order to make their own voice heard by more people, it is not enough to have a loud voice. Combined with online and offline capital, targeting the precise communication of policies by customers is the condition for the success of promotion

second, let more consumers enter the store

it is difficult for a clever woman to make bricks without straw. The flow of people is the guarantee for the success of the promotion and sale of door and window stores. There is no time to sell without flow of people. How to attract consumers into the store has become another major consideration in the planning of door and window commodity promotion activities. This type of activity is one of the ways to gather popularity and attract customers. The fly in the ointment is that this kind of activity generally does not attract policy customers. Customers who really want to buy do not have to come to your activity. On the contrary, some people who are greedy for cheap will flock to it. However, the promotion of door and window stores requires popularity, and free can help you do this. Different from promotional activities, another way to attract customers into the store is to strengthen personnel interception. About the training and encouragement of satisfaction given by the temporary promotion personnel who distribute the DM single page, so that they not only have the ability and willingness to automatically catch customers in the store, it is no longer a temporary promotion fee of how much a day, but a reward of how much a customer will be caught in the store

third, let all the consumers who enter the store buy

the biggest difference between net fishing and single pole fishing is that no matter how big or small a fish is, it will always be reaped. In the future, such free activities as giving and smoking will be promoted to buy and give and smoking. When the activities you launch have a certain attraction, they can always affect customers who don't want to buy. "Buy and smoke" is an activity that the author prefers to let everyone buy. Because such an activity has a certain randomness, it can also affect the gambling mind of customers to try their fate. Another feature of cast net fishing is to drive the fish to an area first, and then continuously reduce the area until the net is closed. Closing the shop and group buying is one of the best promotional practices for practicing cast net fishing. After gathering customers, the door is locked. How many people are not excited in the hot selling air? Even if you are not excited, you can't leave

fourth, let the consumers who enter the store buy

windows and doors now. Another challenge encountered in the promotional activities is that the customers who enter the store are skeptical and optimistic, and no one is willing to place an order first. What should we do in the face of this situation? Some people ask "Tuo" to place an order in advance, so as to light the air of the whole scene. When other customers see that the first person to place an order has received greater discounts, they will naturally follow up. The author holds reservations about whether this practice of cheating customers is feasible or not, and perhaps how to deal with this embarrassing situation once customers see through it. Accelerating the speed of customers' orders makes it less difficult for customers to buy now than you think, "limited time rush purchase", "top 20 plus gifts every day", "hot special price quantitative" these three activities can accelerate customers' purchase

fifth, let the consumers who enter the store buy more expensive

to increase the sales volume, one idea is to let the consumers buy more, and the other idea is to let the consumers buy more expensive. However, it seems to be a difficult question to encourage low-end consumers to purchase high-end goods. If high-end goods are promoted at special prices, it will undoubtedly devalue high-end goods. On the basis of adhering to the quotation of high-end goods, the promotion activity we can choose is the promotion of goods. The original price of high-end goods is 800 yuan. Customers now plan to purchase goods of 400 yuan, so as long as customers are willing to add a quotation of 200 yuan, they can purchase goods of 800 yuan. Adding 200 yuan to 400 yuan seems to add too much money, and there is no special promotion for high-end goods. In fact, high-end goods only sell for 600 yuan. This promotion method should be controlled according to the plan, that is, the number of high-end goods purchased by each consumer is limited, and customers will experience high-end goods, rather than carrying out special promotions for high-end goods

VI. let consumers who don't buy stay longer

some consumers are not your policy consumers at all. Whatever activities you do, either he thinks your quotation is still expensive and doesn't want to buy, or he doesn't like your goods at all, but it has attracted consumers into the store. We need to find a way to let consumers stay in the store for a longer time, so-called earning popularity without making money. Organizing some game activities in the store and perhaps distributing some food is a way to add customers' staying time. Many door and window stores like to do lottery activities, but how to draw lottery activities also has a lot of knowledge. The traditional scratch card lottery can only make the customers of the lottery happy alone. Dullele is not as good as zhonglele. The new lottery method discards the lottery box and uses a large turntable. Although the cost is increased, the large turntable makes some customers who don't buy begin to watch, comment on the people who play the turntable and provide various opinions. In a moment, the scene is lively, The more onlookers there are, the longer we will stay in the store. The era of cultural and entertainment promotion has come. It's time to add a little laughter to the stores

VII. Let the consumers who have bought bring people to buy

what have we done for the promotion of regular customers? Referring to the referral of regular customers, this is a big topic. Regular customer file contact handling, member promotion, pride promotion, database promotion, and all kinds of customer contact handling will be put on the agenda. The real estate profession has made a lot of advertisements in the newspaper: it only needs old customers to introduce new customers and sign a contract successfully. New customers enjoy a 9.8% discount, and old customers enjoy a one-year property fee free. If old customers bring new customers to our store to spend money, if you still give a gift as a customer favor, it is obviously limited to customer favor handling. Whether you can use promotion to promote old customers to transfer introductions is also a question worthy of consideration by promotional personnel




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