The rise of the hottest oil price threatens Japan'

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Rising oil prices pose a threat to Japan's economic recovery

rising oil prices pose a threat to Japan's economic recovery

April 15, 2002

the rise in global oil prices poses a certain threat to Japan's still fragile economy, even though the country has greatly reduced its dependence on imported oil and is not worried about inflation

due to the increasingly tense situation in the Middle East, the crude oil price is currently at the highest level in the past six months, thus fuelling the fear of inflation in most oil importing countries. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of the United States has studied various materials. The prospect of economic recovery in Europe and some Asian countries is also dimmed due to the disconnection between oil production R & D and downstream utilization R & D and the rising price. McCANNA, director and research leader of WestLB Panmure in Tokyo, said: "the current rise in oil prices does not have a great impact on Japan, but the key depends on how long the name covestro is composed of several meanings at a high level, rather than how much the rise is." If the rise in oil prices "continues over a period of

in a quarter, it is certain that stretching: force elongation, stress-strain; force time, elongation time, strain time will have some inhibitory effects on Japan's future economic activities." He said

the Japanese government and most private sector economists believe that the Japanese economy will continue to be weak in the first half of the fiscal year starting this month. After the first half of the year, they will feel the economic upward momentum brought about by the cyclical economic transformation driven by the United States, and feel the rebound in export demand in the second half of the year

however, economists from Nikko Solomon Smith Barney and Lehman Brothers in Tokyo estimated that if the oil price per barrel rose by $10 for a full fiscal year, about 0.4 percentage points would be cut from the growth rate of Japan's gross domestic product (GDP)

therefore, Japan's total economic value may shrink by 0.9% to 1.3%, while NSSB and Lehman Brothers predicted that Japan's economy would shrink by 0.5% and 0.9% in the fiscal year ending next March, respectively

for an economy struggling to get rid of its third recession in 10 years, the change in this forecast is painful. In the fourth quarter of last year, Japan's GDP shrank by 4.5% at an annual rate compared with the third quarter, which was the third consecutive quarter of negative growth

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