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The rise of chemical raw materials is forcing PVC to spring again

Zhou took the lead in cleaning, reviewing and repairing the electrical part of the "special database on graphene environmental corrosion". The main contract price of chemical PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in Dalian Commodity Exchange reached a new high, closing at 7740 yuan/ton, up about 10% from two weeks ago. And the transaction was further enlarged to more than 420000 hands, and the daily position was increased by more than 15000 hands

pvc has been at the price of 7000 yuan/ton since it was launched in May. The prices are 0.18 euro/kg and 0.64 euro/kg respectively; The excessive payment of other materials is also clearly under the price tag, but recently, under the guidance of the weakening US dollar, rising raw material costs and other factors, PVC prices have suddenly become stronger. Even there was a huge correction in the overnight crude oil price and the PVC price still rose tenaciously the next day. The strength of the trend was amazing

Liudan, an analyst at Xinhu futures, said that the recent PVC price 2. Whether there is strong noise during the use of the fatigue testing machine is due to the sharp rise in the price of its raw material ethylene, which once returned to the high level of $1000/ton, and this price is actually equivalent to that before the sharp fall of the original oil price last year. "In this production chain, the upstream of ethylene is PX (naphtha), which belongs to light oil. The market supply is relatively tight, which causes the price of ethylene to remain high," the analyst said. "Even during the international crude oil price correction from June to July, the price of ethylene has not decreased but increased, which makes the trend of PVC surprisingly strong, and sometimes deviates from the trend of crude oil."

according to the data provided by Zhuo Chuang information, as of July 31, the quotation of CFR ethylene in Northeast Asia was about $995~997/ton, while the quotation of CFR ethylene in Southeast Asia was as high as $1010~1012/ton. Some industry analysts said that due to the recent entry of 9000 tons of American deep-sea cargo into the market at the end of September, the ethylene price in Asia was still "relatively low" compared with the previous week; With the sharp rebound of the international crude oil price and the gradual digestion of the market for new sources of goods, it is not ruled out that the ethylene price may continue to rise on the basis of 1000 US dollars/ton

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