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The rise and development of CTP (Part 2)

the inkjet CTP technology can use the ordinary PS version as the plate base, the photosensitive coating can be photodegradable, or how photopolymerization can generate a list combination from the collection. It can also be printed directly on the porous aluminum plate obtained after roughening and anodizing. The ink used can be tested with a tensile testing machine, such as water-soluble ink solution, thermosetting ink, ultraviolet (UV) curing ink, etc

print on ordinary PS plate, and print on the machine after plate printing and development. After printing the bare plate (i.e. only roughening and oxidation treatment, and uncoated photosensitive coating as the plate base), it can be directly printed on the machine only after curing. This is a non wet treatment printing plate

inkjet printing plates are called green products because they do not pollute the environment. As Bob, the CEO of polaron, said when looking into the future, "from the perspective of long-term development, inkjet printing plate has great development potential, because it is a truly green plate."

from the above, the larger the inkjet C experimental data, the plate used by TP system is an ordinary PS plate or a blank plate base without photosensitive layer, so its cost must be low, and it should be equivalent to or cheaper than that of PS plate. The advantage of CTP is that it saves film, saves money and reduces environmental pollution. The inkjet computer direct plate making system is further based on the original CTP technology

however, as an ink-jet direct plate making and printing equipment, the price of platform printers produced abroad is still relatively expensive, and it is estimated that the price of each printer is more than 2-3million yuan. It is also difficult to popularize. So far, foreign inkjet direct plate making systems and plates have not entered the Chinese market

III. Development of inkjet direct plate making system and plate materials in China

due to the introduction of large format computer inkjet equipment, especially the epsonstyluspro9000 large format color inkjet printer has entered the Chinese market, its performance and price are very attractive. Its printing width is 1118mm and its resolution is 1440 × 720dpi, the price is 80000 ~ 90000 yuan, and the dye ink solution is used as the printing ink. Can it replace the formal direct plate making equipment for plate making? If you can replace it, you can also use the cheap ordinary PS version, and combine them to form the cheapest direct plate making system. In terms of performance, although it can not compare with the imaging quality of foreign silver salt and thermal direct plate making systems, it is not inferior to them in terms of market positioning and level, which is determined by its own advantages. In its market positioning, it aims at book printing and color newspaper printing. These two markets require a resolution of less than 133lpi and a repetition accuracy of less than 25 microns. It is proved that the market positioning is correct after the study of the product made by extrusion and unidirectional drawing. The plate made by inkjet CTP technology is printed on the machine. The text is clear and sharp, and the picture color is lifelike, which exceeds the printing effect of general laser printers. The low price of inkjet direct plate making system and cheap plate material price are unmatched by silver salt system and thermal system. Because of this, it is very suitable for our underdeveloped national conditions, and can enable our general printing enterprises to establish CTP system as soon as possible

the author completed the research on the domestic inkjet CTP plate in 1999, and applied for the national invention patent in the same year. Now this achievement has been put into mass production by Beijing prite Technology & Trade Co., Ltd., and domestic inkjet CTP plates will soon be put into the market. At the same time, Beijing Sitong Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing tongruida Co., Ltd. and Beijing xinhongde Co., Ltd. have respectively launched an inkjet direct plate making system composed of computer, printing software and epsonstyluspro9000 inkjet printer. Among the inkjet direct plate making systems launched by the three companies, Beijing tongruida company has a good point control, which can fully meet the requirements of plate making timeliness for general newspapers and books. The first generation products launched by Beijing prite Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. are inkjet printing products based on the PS version of the common Yangtu. The company also plans to launch the second generation products without wet operation

in addition to the advantages of the ink-jet direct plate making system mentioned above, it also has the following advantages. The silver salt or thermal system is inseparable from the high-power output laser or complex optical system, and its own price and maintenance cost are relatively expensive, while the ink-jet direct plate making system is much simpler and cheaper to maintain

IV. prospects

in recent years, the hardware and software of inkjet printing equipment have developed rapidly. After Lexmark International Co., Ltd. released the first 2400dpi color inkjet printer, Lexmark 752, HP also launched hpdesignjett800 and 800ps inkjet printers with a printing accuracy of 2400 × 1200dpi, and the printing speed is faster. It only takes 60 seconds for A1 format line graphics and text. This undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for the further development of inkjet direct plate making system. It can be predicted that on the basis of improving equipment performance, this cheap, pollution-free and green CTP system will be widely recognized by the majority of printing industry peers

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