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The rise of PTA, polyester chips and other raw materials has led to a sharp rise in the market of differentiated fibers

in April, the prices of PX, PTA, polyester chips and other raw materials rose sharply. Driven by the cost, when the stress exceeded the peak, the market of Shengze differentiated fibers rose sharply

in April, the cationic silk market in Shengze market showed a sharp rise. By the end of the month, the prices of fdy50d/24f, fdy75d/36f and fdy100d/48f were 1350 respectively. At present, in terms of improving belt performance, 0 yuan/ton, 12600 yuan/ton and 11800 yuan/ton have been achieved. Compared with the end of last month, the prices increased by 1400 yuan/ton, 2100 yuan/ton and 1700 yuan/ton respectively. The prices of dty75d/36f and 100d/36f were 13000 yuan/ton and 12400 yuan/ton respectively, up from 1300 yuan/ton and 1500 yuan/ton respectively at the end of last month. The prices of poy50d/48f and 75d/36f were 11200 yuan/ton and 11100 yuan/ton respectively, up from 1400 yuan/ton and 1400 yuan/ton respectively at the end of last month. From the perspective of variety trend, the sales of cationic silk shows a trend of both thick and thin. Fdy50d and 63d are relatively smooth, followed by 150D and 200D; Dty150d and 200D also have movable pins. The main reason is that the downstream cationic jacquard fabrics and cationic lining are popular, while the sales of silk like cationic fabrics are also relatively smooth

the sharp rise of cationic silk market in Shengze market in April was mainly driven by the continuous rise of upstream raw material CDP chips and the impact of downstream large-scale procurement. At the end of April, the short-distance delivery and buyout transaction price of CDP slice acceptance was about 9500 yuan/ton, compared with about 1350 yuan/ton at the end of last month. The sharp rise in CDP prices was mainly due to the tight supply of upstream raw material PTA Market and the sharp rise in prices. In April, the PTA spot market showed a strong pattern. At the beginning of the month, PTA spot in East China was priced between yuan/ton in the inner market due to its environmental protection and sustainability. The external market price is between USD/T. by the end of the month, the PTA spot market price in East China is about 8000 yuan/T. The external market price is between USD/ton. The prices are 1400 yuan/ton and 140 dollars/ton respectively. And now it is the traditional sales season in the market. Cationic jacquard fabrics and lining are popular in the downstream market. In addition, after bearing a great force, shear fracture occurred at about 45 degrees. Affected by the mentality of buying up but not buying down, the upstream and downstream manufacturers greatly enlarged the purchase of cationic silk

in the future, it is predicted that the upstream raw material supply is still in short supply, and the price is difficult to fall in the short term. However, the rapid rise will also bring some instability to the market. Therefore, the upstream raw material market adjustment may occur in early May, but the space will not be large. The downstream cationic jacquard face, lining series, cationic silk simulation products are also better than conventional lining fabrics, making some enterprises turn to cationic face lining production. Therefore, it is expected that the future cationic silk market will be price stable and volume rising

in April, the polyester/polyester composite yarn Market in Shengze market also went up. On the whole, the price increased significantly in the first two weeks and the second two weeks, and the other weekly increases were about 100 yuan/ton. By the end of April, the market price of (DT horizontal traction +poy) 100+100 was about 10700 yuan/ton, the market price of (DT horizontal traction +poy) 100+50 was 11200 yuan/ton, and the market price of (DT horizontal traction +poy) 50+50 was 11800 yuan/ton. Compared with the price at the end of last month, there were increases of 1500 yuan/ton, 1400 yuan/ton and 1400 yuan/ton respectively

in April, the market of polyester/polyester composite filament rose sharply, which was mainly caused by the following aspects: first, the cost rose. The price of upstream raw materials rose sharply this month. By the end of April, the mainstream quotation of Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi gloss slicing market rose to yuan/ton, which was more than 1500 yuan/ton higher than the market low of this month. The downstream polyester market has also raised prices in order to transfer cost pressure. For example, the mainstream prices of fdy150d/96f, poy150d/48f and dty150d/48f4 in Shengze market rose to 10200 yuan/ton, 9900 yuan/ton and 10800 yuan/ton respectively at the end of the month; The second is the volume of transactions and the emptying of market inventory. Polyester/polyester composite yarn manufacturers have limited production in the early stage, which has led to a small market inventory. However, with the arrival of the peak sales season, the downstream market sales pick up. In particular, the downstream related products of polyester/polyester composite yarn are seasonal products, such as decorative cloth, imitation linen and other products are particularly popular, so the manufacturers are more active in purchasing

at present, the market trend of upstream raw materials is still on the rise, the cost pressure will still exist in the short term, and the downstream demand is smooth with the arrival of the peak season. In addition, at present, the inventory of polyester/polyester composite fiber manufacturers is low, and individual specifications are even in short supply. However, considering that the resistance of downstream weaving manufacturers to high priced raw materials is increasing. Moreover, after early procurement, the downstream weaving manufacturers are now focusing on digesting inventory, so it is expected that the polyester/polyester composite fiber market will stabilize in early May

in April, the island composite wire market was stable and rising. From the price quotation, the market center quotation of dty215d-225d was yuan/ton by the end of this month, and the price of island composite wire 105d was yuan/ton. From the sales market, the downstream fabric market sold well through suede this month, and the orders were accepted one after another. The sales volume of dty105d island composite silk market this month was the upper hand, but in general, it was good. Due to the hot sales of downstream home textile products this month, the sales of various island suede fabrics are better than those of conventional suede fabrics. The main reason is that suede products are more marketable, and various new suede products are also very popular in the market. Now the downstream suede fabric production and sales are stable, and it is expected that the island silk composite wire market will continue to go smoothly in May

in April, the market of polyester/nylon composite yarn picked up. In terms of price, at present, polyester/nylon composite wire dty160d/72f × 16 price: 16500 yuan/ton for warp and 14600 yuan/ton for weft, dty90d/75f × The center price of 16 polyester/polyamide composite filament was 23600 yuan/ton respectively, an increase of yuan/ton compared with the previous month. In April, the market of polyester/nylon composite yarn recovered, mainly due to the impact of the rising prices of raw materials in the upstream. In addition, at present, the fabrics have entered the traditional sales season. Some downstream spring clothing fabrics, home textiles and other products are selling well, among which the sales of polyester/nylon series, polyester/nylon cotton series and other products are outstanding. With the emergence of these orders, the market demand for polyester/nylon composite filament has risen. In April, both nylon chips and polyester chips rose sharply, which played a role in driving the price rise of polyester/nylon composite filament in terms of cost. With the expansion of downstream product sales. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will have an upward trend in May

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