The right way to open the hottest art paint

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The "right" way to open the art paint craze

the "right" way to open the art paint craze

August 17, 2016

[China paint information] the paint industry has always been full of topical and conceptual products that will be highly popular in a short time. However, many of them will soon be eliminated by the market due to the lack of corresponding technical and functional support. After the market test, the products left by the waves will generally become the representative product categories of the industry, and art coatings occupy a place in the coating market with such a development mode

art coatings are not ordinary decorative coatings in the current market. They belong to different categories of products that will be rapidly warmed up in the new energy automobile industry in the second half of the year. Art coatings follow the medium and high-end line and pay more attention to meeting consumers' pursuit of spirit, vision and taste. This distinct product differentiation makes the audience and competition scope of art coatings and ordinary coatings products not too much conflict, and also provides sufficient market conditions for the development of art coatings

the performance of the coating industry in recent years indicates that the golden age of the coating industry has passed, and the trend of difficult business is becoming more and more obvious. However, the market chaos such as disordered brands, fierce competition and no highly competitive products is still full of the industry. In order to avoid falling into the vortex of homogeneous competition, many coating enterprises choose to transform and take the innovation route to stabilize their market share. At this year's Guangzhou Construction Expo, garberry launched the brand of Falandi art coating, officially announcing its entry into the field of art coating, and Huaxi paint has always taken art wall materials as the development direction of the enterprise

compared with the development of paint enterprises in the field of art paint, art paint has entered a period of rapid development in the view of paint dealers. This is an opportunity to break through the current sales dilemma and seize more market share. Some people in the industry said, "In fact, the market share of dealers has little to do with the size of the 'cake' of market share, because it is fixed or even saturated within a certain range. Because in previous years, when business was good, there were not a few paint heroes in the market; now business is bad, and there are many dealers with annual sales of millions. In the final analysis, the key factor in doing business is the positioning and strategy of the dealers themselves Select the question slightly. The sustainability of operation can only be ensured by timely transformation and product strategy adjustment in line with market trends. "

from this point of view, art coating seems to be a spring for the future development of the coating industry. It is used to control movement, store energy, buffer and absorb vibration. It is a blue ocean of common parts widely used in machinery, instruments, electrical appliances, transportation tools, etc., and its market prospect is immeasurable. However, after combing the development track of a large number of contemporary latest technological achievements, including the research results of art coatings, high-precision super performance special functional materials and the implementation and utilization results of global network technology, we will find that such a conclusion is too taken for granted. Since it is a conceptual product, art coating has experienced overheating and popularity, and has been leading the way for several years before the appearance of wall materials such as wallpaper and diatom mud. However, after the system has been stabilized, it has finally been defeated by product flooding, profit transparency and price competition. Therefore, the current development and discussion heat have to make people doubt whether it will repeat the mistakes and be unsustainable

on the other hand, due to the high requirements of art coating production technology and patent restrictions, the development of art coating in China still has not formed a system, and most of the art coating brands flowing in the market are imported foreign brands. Coupled with the high-end cold image, the price of art coatings is much higher than that of ordinary home decoration coatings, which is at a disadvantage in the competition of the product itself. Moreover, now the competition in the coating industry is not only between products, but also between the market and the market (high-end building materials markets such as red star Macalline, incredibly home, Yuexing, B & Q and Xiyingmen compete with local traditional building materials markets and building materials stores along the street). The high-end image of art paint makes it difficult to condescend to settle in the traditional low-end building materials market, which greatly reduces the audience of consumer groups

in addition, as the future development trend of the coating industry penetrates into the rural market, the limitations in the price and scope of application of art coatings are likely to make them lose the right to compete in this large market space

from the product point of view, art coating is really a mature product with its own system. However, due to its own limitations and the particularity of the domestic market, its localized product R & D and production have not been popularized. This situation will not change qualitatively in a short time. Therefore, there are still too many unknown market prospects for art coatings, and there are still great business risks in the field of blindly following the trend. Therefore, it is not what you choose that ultimately determines your business outlet, but how you do it

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