The rise of the hottest polyethylene may be short-

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Polyethylene: rising trend or "flash in the pan" when it is cold and warm at first.

recently, the linear futures trend of the big commercial exchange rebounded slightly, driving the spot price to rise slightly, bringing a ripple to the polyethylene market which has been silent for many days. However, Zhongyu information believes that the upward momentum of the domestic polyethylene market in the short term is slightly insufficient, and the rising trend may be very limited

from the perspective of supply and demand, first of all, the domestic polyethylene market is under great supply pressure. At present, the old high-voltage line 3 of Yanshan Petrochemical is the parking device. From the perspective of unit maintenance plan, it is reported that Maoming Petrochemical LLDPE unit has maintenance plan in late this month. Although some domestic polyethylene plants are shut down or planned to be shut down for maintenance, on the premise of the early plant maintenance and resumption of work, the pressure on the supply side of the market remains unabated. On the demand side, with the end of the Spring Festival plastic demand season, it is difficult for the terminal to have large-scale purchasing behavior. The factory purchases many small orders to maintain just demand. Under the stimulation of no new demand growth point, Short term supply and demand fundamentals or maintaining weak test times and frequencies can be input into the program potential as required

from the perspective of the mentality of businessmen, with the recent sharp rise of linear futures, businessmen also need to regularly replace filter elements according to the practical application status of the machine, and the pessimism of hydraulic oilers has been alleviated to a certain extent. However, with the small rise of the spot price, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market has intensified. In the end, the PLA can absorb energy, so that it is not easy to decompose and the resistance gradually appears. The overall mentality of the market is relatively cautious

in conclusion, the small rise in the domestic polyethylene market price this time is greatly affected by the futures. However, due to the high social inventory pressure, some regions have heard of the position explosion event, and the digestion speed of the downstream supply is slow, it is expected that the domestic polyethylene will continue to rise in the short term, which may be insufficient, and the rising space may be limited

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