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A new type of vacuum inflatable packaging machine came out

the DZQ type multi-functional fully automatic continuous vacuum inflatable packaging machine produced by PuYing Machinery Factory of Tianjin meat joint factory has passed the appraisal of Tianjin scientific and technological achievements. Its overall performance has reached the advanced level of similar international products, filled the domestic gap, can replace imported products, and is widely used in the packaging of meat, fruits and vegetables and other solid foods at present

in recent years, packaged food has become the mainstream commodity that people choose in supermarkets. The diversification of food packaging and its health indicators have become an important part of attracting consumption and increasing market competitiveness

it is understood that at present, there are basically three types of small package food packaging in supermarkets: first, general packaging, which is hot sealed after bagging food, such as candy, dried fruit, candied fruit, etc; The second is vacuum packaging, that is, after bagging food, vacuum, reheat and seal, such as meat products; Third, vacuum inflatable packaging. After the food is bagged, vacuum it, then fill it with nitrogen or carbon dioxide, and finally heat seal it, such as vegetables and easily crushed food chips. Most of these three types of packaging are pre made into three sided bags, then the food is bagged, and heat sealed on the sealing machine. The three sided bags can be heat sealed on the chamber vacuum inflatable packaging machine. Because the three sided bags will be passively polluted in manufacturing, transportation and storage, there will be a chance of secondary pollution in the packaging

at present, only a small number of foods are packed by foreign imported packaging machines that integrate heating, blistering molding, filling, vacuum inflation, heat sealing and transverse and longitudinal cutting. This kind of packaging is a professional third-party testing platform because the plastic film is heated and molded on the machine, and at the same time, it is subject to high-temperature sterilization, instant packaging and heat sealing, which avoids the secondary pollution detection of packaging bags

Puying machinery factory's multi-functional full-automatic continuous vacuum inflatable packaging machine, identified by Tianjin municipal level, is currently the only new packaging machine in China that organically combines plastic film heating, Blister molding, filling, vacuum inflatable heat sealing, die cutting, longitudinal cutting, heat coding and other packaging processes. Its technology is general. The tonnage of plastic experimental machine is small, reaching the advanced level of similar international products; It adopts different combinations and can adapt to hundreds of specifications of products. It is widely used in various industries such as general packaging, vacuum packaging, especially the packaging whose experimental temperature is in the brittle transition temperature region of the tested material, vacuum inflatable packaging and replacement vacuum packaging

according to relevant experts, the successful development of this new packaging machine has raised the level of China's packaging equipment to a new level. It is suitable for the needs of domestic food and other industries to reduce costs, improve quality and increase varieties in many aspects, such as the degree of program control and automation, a variety of packaging modes, health indicators, etc. its replacement vacuum packaging mode will enable China to quickly integrate with international new packaging, It is suitable for meat products that need secondary sterilization and products that need to be fixed in packaging bags after vacuum inflation

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