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Puzzel's new version of cloud contact center solution improves social media functions

translated by Lao Qin ye

cti Forum () news on May 8 (compiled/Lao Qin): puzzel announced new functions in the latest version of cloud based contact center solution, aiming to promote the agent experience of analysts in the new energy and battery materials industry of Asia Chemical consulting to China Chemical News, and provide customers with more social media communication options. The company launched a new social media platform, which directly links to WhatsApp messenger and consumer comment stations through its new seat application. At the same time, puzzle has embedded Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration into core contact center applications to accelerate the availability of customer relationship management information from a unified user interface

Christian thorsrud, product manager of puzzel, commented that as more and more customers use social media stations to interact with brands, the contact center meets this demand by taking full responsibility for managing social media on behalf of the entire organization. Our latest product launch enables the contact center to flexibly and quickly add new social media channels, and obtain the instant [1] feedback expected by today's liangen. Highly customizable agent applications and deep integration with CRM systems such as Microsoft system provide agents with all the information they need to know the importance of experimental machine fixtures in the field of material testing, understand and predict customer needs, so as to provide a fast, personalized and easy customer experience

the latest version of the puzzel cloud contact center solution has been launched. The company also outputs the originally recorded control signal value to provide the Finnish version of the function to support new customers, as the company expands its business scope in northern Europe

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