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A new variety of heat shrinkable label packaging

the traditional external fast adhesive or hot melt adhesive and other adhesives with the same effect in the beverage industry glue the round surface of the card head and the sample together. The packaging form is carton packaging, which has poor moisture resistance and is easy to mold; Unable to withstand extrusion, inconvenient transportation and storage; It consumes natural resources and is not conducive to environmental protection. Most of these phenomena are caused by poor contact or faulty welding, and the labor cost and equipment investment cost required for carton packaging are high. Another kind of traditional outer packaging, for example, the outer packaging form of bottled beer is bundling packaging, which is labor-intensive and extremely unsafe, and is easy to cause bottle explosion

in view of the defects of the above two forms of outer packaging, these depend on the specific requirements of the type, performance and accuracy of the experimental machine. People began to use the label packaging of polyethylene heat shrinkable film to replace the traditional carton packaging and strapping packaging. As a label packaging material, heat shrinkable film has unique advantages: saving forest resources, reducing costs, moisture-proof, sanitary, easy to use; The packaged goods are beautiful and save space

the heat shrinkable film label can achieve "body fitting" packaging, so that the goods have a distinctive appearance; As polyethylene is recognized as a non-toxic material, it is especially suitable for commodity labels in food, medicine, beverage and other industries. The high transparent polyethylene heat shrinkable label printing film is made from the high transparent polyethylene heat shrinkable film as the base material and processed with the internationally advanced flexible printing plate brush. It adopts a special formula to replace the conventional low-density polyethylene resin heavy packaging material to make a heat shrinkable film with high transparency, good processing performance and high strength

adopt satellite flexographic printing technology; All printing color groups share an embossing cylinder, which is arranged in sequence at one time. Not only is the registration accuracy high, but also the solvents used are alcohols, which is a "green printing" that fully meets the requirements of environmental protection. It has the following good characteristics:

1, transparency: its light transmittance can reach 90%, which greatly improves the printing effect

2. Surface characteristics: the surface friction coefficient ≥ 0.4, which makes the packaging and stacking stable and convenient for transportation

3. Strength: longitudinal and transverse tensile strength ≥ 24MPa, longitudinal and transverse elongation at break ≥ 700%, ensuring the weight of the contents

4. Heat sealing: heat sealing strength ≥ 20n, so that it can meet the needs of mechanized packaging production

5. The registration accuracy is high, and the registration can be easily controlled below 0.1mm

6. The solvent residue is low, and its solvent residue will remain at about 5mg/㎡, which is far lower than that of other printing methods. 2. Synchronous toothed belt planetary reduction system: drive the lead screw to rotate and load

7, saving ink consumption

The above excellent characteristics determine that high transparent polyethylene heat shrinkable printing film label is the development trend of the label industry, and its market prospect is very broad

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