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New upgrade, Shenzhen International touch and display exhibition creates an integrated touch and display business platform

with the magnificent conclusion of 2016 Shanghai International touch exhibition, preparations for 2016 China (Shenzhen) International touch and display exhibition (hereinafter referred to as 2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition) will be officially launched in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 24 to 26, 2016

as an international well-known brand exhibition certified by the international exhibition Alliance (UFI), full touch exhibition has been accompanied by China's touch screen and display industry for nine years. 2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition will be an upgrade of Shenzhen full touch exhibition, representing the irresistible integration trend of touch screen and display industry. As a product and technology exhibition and exchange platform and business service platform with great scale and brand influence in the industry, 2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition will further cultivate the two industry themes of touch and display on the basis of the scale of the previous exhibition, invite well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition, with the help of Reed Exhibitions' advanced international operation and management experience, rich exhibitors and audience resources, and combined with the original industry appeal of the exhibition, It is believed that 2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition will reach a new height in terms of exhibition scale, exhibition scope, service level, number and quality of professional visitors and even industry influence

2016 Shenzhen full touch and display combines TFT, LTPS, OLED, AMOLED and other photoelectric display technologies while focusing on touch technology. At the same time, it covers the surrounding industrial ecosystem, including sapphire, camera modules, biometrics, metal shell manufacturing, intelligent hardware and other professional fields. In addition to touch screens, flat panel displays, home appliances, scheme design and various consumer electronics manufacturing, the industry buyers attracted by the exhibition from all over the world every year also have core customers from large-scale displays such as automotive electronics, education and business. According to statistics, the total number of visitors to the 2015 Shenzhen full touch exhibition has approached 3. 40000 people. Supplemented by the effective business matching service of the organizer, the exhibitors of Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition can face the target customers more efficiently and conveniently, so that the brand and technology of the enterprise can obtain more extensive publicity space, and win more business cooperation opportunities for the products and services of the enterprise

it is reported that Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition has become not only a professional exhibition focused by Shenzhen, but also one of the scientific and technological exhibitions supported by Shenzhen

keep pace with the times, open special exhibition areas, and turn touch exhibition into external parts exhibition and commercial touch and display exhibition

full touch and display exhibition (former full touch exhibition) was born when the touch screen industry was in the ascendant. As a "highly integrated" barometer reflecting the development of the industry, it has always been accompanied by the symbiosis and common prosperity of the industry. With the further maturity of incell/oncell technology, TFT, LTPS, OLED, AMOLED and other photoelectric display technologies are more and more widely used, which also promotes the prosperity of many new materials such as sapphire, graphene and other surrounding industries. 2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition will continue to focus on the mode of touchscreen technology + sub exhibition areas, and continue to expand the extension of the industry. It will set up major characteristic exhibition areas, including sapphire manufacturing technology exhibition area, high-function materials exhibition area, metal shell processing and molding and nano injection molding exhibition area, and strive to subdivide the special areas of professional exhibitions

at that time, the metal shell processing and molding and nano injection molding exhibition area and the main touch screen exhibition will better serve the industry. The sapphire manufacturing technology exhibition area and the medium and large-size touch screen application exhibition will help to build a commercial touch and display whole industry chain procurement platform. It is believed that in this exhibition, buyers will have a more direct and effective purchasing experience, and the whole touch screen technology and display application industry will be presented in the form of a more complete industrial ecological chain

the top event in the touch and display industry has boundless charm. It is suitable for small specimens and materials that do not produce large plastic deformation in the friction process. Well known brands gather to compete for excellence

all along, Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition has been the benchmark of the professional exhibition platform of China's touch screen and display industry. It connects the complete industrial chain of touch screen and display, and builds a then brittle display with touch screen and display technology as the display core, A three-dimensional professional exhibition showing the vertical market of the whole industry chain, including its manufacturing materials, manufacturing equipment, software and hardware components and integrated innovative applications. On this powerful integrated platform, a large number of domestic and foreign touch screen and display manufacturing enterprises are active, sharing the market opportunities and value brought by innovative technology

according to Ms. Zhang Xiangli, general manager of the organizer, the 2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition has been open to booking booths since the last Shenzhen full touch exhibition. So far, most of the high-quality booths in hall 1 have been snapped up, and the bookings in hall 2 and hall 9 are also very popular. At present, the major customers of 2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition that have signed up include Dijing optoelectronics, helitai, Dijing, Shenzhen Yue, Dongxu Kangdexin and other touch screen manufacturers; In addition, there are a large number of powerful enterprises in the material area and equipment area, such as Dongyuan machinery, Liju, Caihuang, Shengxiong; The products provided by all contracted exhibitors are cutting-edge products and technologies under the brand. These participating enterprises pursue the perfection of technology with the attitude of excellence and meticulous, and climb the commanding height of science and technology with the spirit of innovation and change

take inexhaustible professional buyer resources and join professional exhibitions to expand overseas markets

Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition, as a grand event of the whole industry chain of the touch screen and display industry, is a well-known authoritative display platform in the touch screen and display industry, with the characteristics of wide range of exhibits, high technical content and large area and scale. The audience of the exhibition mainly comes from enterprises in the middle and lower reaches of the touch screen and display industry chain, including manufacturers of touch screen and flat panel display, manufacturers of industrial control, safety and testing products, automotive electronics manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers, interactive equipment manufacturers, smart home manufacturers, smart wear manufacturers, aviation and military electronics manufacturers, software, human-computer interaction solutions

these massive professional audience resources are not only due to the unremitting brand accumulation of the exhibition's own mechanism in the past nine years, but also because of the powerful behind the scenes resources represented by its newly established organizer. The organizer, Shanghai Lizu Exhibition Co., Ltd., is one of the members of Reed Exhibitions group. Reed Exhibitions group, its shareholder, has strong customer resources in many industries around the world, and its brother exhibitions provide full support and share their own industry resources. For example, finetech Japan, based on the Japanese touch screen industry, has gathered a large number of overseas touch screen industry target customers; Nepcon China Electronics Exhibition takes root in the consumer electronics industry and EMS OEM, bringing a large number of audience of consumer electronics enterprises to Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition; Because of its advantages in covering the automotive industry, ciaff automotive aftermarket Expo provides a large number of automotive electronic customer resources for Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition

in addition, the organizers of this Shenzhen exhibition will actively assist exhibitors to expand overseas markets, especially in Southeast Asia. The organizer will set up a team to invite overseas professional visitors from the beginning of preparation. In addition to strengthening the promotion on well-known overseas media, it will also seek in-depth cooperation with overseas industries. Among them, the cooperation with Indian communication Manufacturers Association (CMAI) is a good case. I believe that in 2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition site, There will be more overseas audiences, including Indian buyers. In this way, the industry has every reason to believe that through resource integration and strong cooperation, all audience categories of Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition will be effectively expanded

the featured precision business matching service was restarted, and the demand of high-quality buyers was real and reliable.

the tap special guest program was a complete success during the 2015 Shenzhen full touch exhibition. A total of 688 tap special guests attended, and a total of more than 130 on-site matching meetings were held with 85 exhibitors. According to the post exhibition tracking report, the post exhibition turnover is expected to reach 1. 9.4 billion yuan. Through this special buyer matching service scheme, the exhibition organizers invited many manufacturers, TP enterprises, buyers of touch screen and display equipment and materials, including top enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, BOE, Xinli, Foxconn, BYD, etc

2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition will continue to implement this special service plan (tap special VIP plan) in order to better build a trade negotiation platform for exhibitors and buyers. Tap service aims to establish an efficient communication bridge between high-quality buyers who have the right to make purchase decisions and exhibitors' senior management. Before the exhibition, the organizing committee will pay a concentrated visit to the leading enterprises in the touch technology and display application industry, select high-level personnel with purchase intention, invite them to become special guests at the exhibition, and arrange tap special guests to have face-to-face business talks with exhibitors according to their purchase needs at the exhibition site

"touch the micro vision world" was launched heavily, and the integrated marketing plan was comprehensively upgraded.

2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition will continue to launch a marketing tool - "touch the micro vision world" in addition to official websites, e-mail, direct mail marketing, professional media and other publicity channels. "Touch the micro vision world" is an application tool to help exhibitors in mobile internet marketing. It has three functions: Micro station, micro poster and marketing platform. Through these functions, exhibitors can present the company's introduction and product highlights on, and have the characteristics of free operation, free design, simple use, rapid upload, etc. By binding the exhibition official, exhibitors can also query the browsing volume, realize docking with visitors, and help enterprises easily realize mobile marketing

at the same time, the marketing team of the organizer, based on its rich professional exhibition publicity experience, through planning and integrating marketing resources, customized and launched a series of marketing programs suitable for various diversified channels, including high-end buyer invitation, concurrent conference sponsorship, exhibition site advertising, etc., and formed a joint force with the invitation of professional visitors in the early stage of the exhibition, so as to more comprehensively and efficiently target potential buyers for exhibitors, At the same time, it provides convenience for professional visitors to find new suppliers. Exhibitors will enjoy the opportunity of publicity immediately after signing the exhibition contract

several professional forums deconstruct the latest trends in the touch screen and display industry

2016 Shenzhen full touch and display exhibition will also hold several professional forums at the same time, covering current hot topics such as touch screen, display, vehicle touch, optical film technology, and will invite professors and doctors from famous universities, scholars from research institutes, Association experts, and senior executives of well-known enterprises at home and abroad to participate in in-depth discussion and interpretation, It aims to provide a zero distance learning and communication platform for people in the touch and display industry. In addition to visiting the exhibition, participants can obtain industrial information, gain insight into market development trends, learn about the latest technology applications, discuss hot topics of concern with exhibitors and peers, and establish cooperative contacts by participating in the simultaneous forum of full touch and display exhibition, so as to achieve better viewing results in a short time

During the 2016 Shenzhen full touch 3.5 use and display exhibition, 2016 Shenzhen international high performance film exhibition (film Expo Shenzhen 2016) and 2016 Shenzhen International adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition (APFO Expo Shenzhen 2016) will be held at the same time and in the same place.

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