The hottest new vacuum dryer launched in Changzhou

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Jiangsu Changzhou launched a new vacuum dryer

recently, Jiangsu Changzhou Xianfeng drying equipment Co., Ltd. developed a new vacuum dryer in cooperation with relevant colleges and universities, which has been highly praised by the market

pure water has the maximum gasification rate in boiling state. At about 100 ℃ under normal pressure, pure water begins to boil. Under vacuum conditions, because the partial pressure of water vapor in the system is much lower than the partial pressure of water vapor on the surface of the material, the boiling point of water is lower than 100 ℃. The higher the vacuum degree is, the lower the boiling point of water is. In the vacuum dryer, the water energy after gasification can be produced with the vacuum system. The following is a brief introduction and explanation. These three methods are quickly eliminated, Therefore, despite the low operating temperature to avoid damaging the jaw seat, the dryer still has strong drying capacity

when the equipment is running, the materials are in a static state, which is conducive to maintaining the initial shape of the materials, intermittent operation, the process conditions can be adjusted at any time, the higher drying efficiency can be obtained at a lower temperature, and the heat can be fully utilized. It can be disinfected before drying, and no impurity is mixed in the drying process. Vacuum dryer can be used for low-temperature drying and solvent recovery. The heat source used can be steam, hot water and heat transfer oil. It is widely applicable to the drying of heat sensitive materials in food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries

it is reported that the company has passed the ISO9 Yu Kaishuo 001 quality system certification, with an annual output of more than 1000 sets of various drying and granulation equipment. It has been rated as a well-known brand in Jiangsu Province, and its building materials products are generally stable in price, and sell well in domestic and foreign markets

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