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New urbanization into focus building materials construction machinery mining opportunities

new urbanization into focus building materials construction machinery mining opportunities

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Guide: Recently, new urbanization has become one of the focuses of attention. The report of the 18th CPC National Congress clearly puts forward that we should adhere to the road of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics, promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, the benign interaction between industrialization and urbanization, urbanization and agricultural modernization

recently, "new urbanization" has become one of the focuses of attention. The report of the 18th CPC National Congress clearly stated: "we should adhere to the path of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics, promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, the benign interaction between industrialization and urbanization, and the mutual coordination between urbanization and agricultural modernization, so as to promote the synchronous development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization."

it is reported that the rapid development of new urbanization is becoming a powerful engine for China's economic growth and social development. The further development of urbanization will inevitably lead to the improvement of labor productivity and the expansion of urban public services and infrastructure investment. In the context of economic transformation, the construction of new domestic urbanization will become an important driving force for future economic development

urbanization will stimulate domestic demand

: what is the background of domestic urbanization

Cheng Zhou (fund manager of Cathay Pacific Jinma Fund): urbanization is a relatively abstract concept. Under the background of economic transformation, the future economic development mode will gradually evolve from external demand to domestic demand, from extensive to intensive, and the economic growth mode dominated by the real estate industry into a diversified economic growth mode including the real estate industry, and the development of urbanization is in line with the future new economic development mode

Wu Zhaoyin (fund manager of Guolian Andersen Anxin Fund): at present, the development of urbanization is not obvious, and it mainly depends on the traditional fixed asset investment model to directly promote economic development. Domestic urbanization is the continuation and deepening of large-scale fixed asset investment and urbanization construction in the past decade. Under the background of the gradual decline of the original economic development potential, China's economy needs new growth momentum, The theme of urbanization came into being

Huang Qiang (fund manager of fuanda strategy selection fund): with the rapid development of economy, the urbanization rate has increased significantly. Big cities are facing increasingly heavy population pressure, traffic pressure, environmental and resource pressure, and the space for rapid development is becoming more and more limited. Small towns, in most parts of the country, also have considerable growth potential. Small urbanization can drive the industry and economy of these regions, help narrow the gap and balance the friction between regions, otherwise dust and particles will affect the friction; Exhibition

urbanization pattern will lead from point to area

: what pattern will urbanization development present

Chengzhou: China's urbanization rate has reached 51.27% in 2011. In the future, more and more migrant workers will choose to stay in cities. The development of domestic urbanization will radiate the surrounding areas with the development of regional central cities, such as focusing on the development of municipalities directly under the central government, provincial capital cities, second and third tier cities, etc. As migrant workers enter the city, on the one hand, the increase in domestic demand will strengthen the stability of the economy. On the other hand, it will also make the agricultural international standards or industry standards measure the physical properties of various materials. Migrant workers will shift from inefficient agriculture to industry and the tertiary industry. In the future, with the development of urbanization, new economic industrial chains will emerge

Wu Zhaoyin: the development ideas of first tier cities mainly focus on the upgrading of the original urbanization, including smart cities, energy conservation and environmental protection, rail transit, production-oriented services, etc; 2、 Third tier cities focus on traditional urbanization, industrial transfer and upgrading, mechanization instead of labor, etc. We pay more attention to the new opportunities brought by energy conservation and environmental protection, industrial transfer and upgrading

Huang Qiang: there may be two stages in the development of small urbanization. In the first stage, the government adopted a more active fiscal policy to plan, start projects, improve infrastructure, and ensure social livelihood. At the same time, it encouraged state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to invest in third and fourth tier cities and small towns. In the second stage, whether the advantageous industries (including modern agriculture) cultivated in various places can succeed has gradually become a key link to realize the sustainable development of new urbanization

urbanization theme stocks will become hot spots

: which industries and sectors will urbanization development affect in China

Chengzhou: first, affordable housing, which drives the development of infrastructure industry, decoration, home appliances and other industries; Secondly, medical reform is also an important topic; Thirdly, there will be more and more investment in computer-controlled data processing in urban transportation, sewage treatment and other fields. In the future, urbanization themed stocks in the secondary market will become a hot spot. Specifically, at present, investors in the market are more worried about the poor cash flow of some listed companies in the field of environmental protection, which is mainly due to the greater financial pressure of local governments

Wu Zhaoyin: urbanization is a concept with a wide meaning, involving many industries, including traditional infrastructure such as real estate, building materials, coal, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, as well as environmental protection, new energy and new materials, electronic information and other emerging industries. In the short term, these industries cannot be valued according to the theme of urbanization, and they are still optimistic in the long term

Huang Qiang: the promotion of urbanization will inevitably lead to a large number of low security farmers belonging to the new rural cooperative medical system entering the high security urban medical insurance system, which is one of the driving forces to promote the long-term growth of the pharmaceutical industry. There are also hidden worries about environmental pollution in the process of small urbanization, so there is a great demand for environmental protection industry in the process of relevant infrastructure construction. This industry is in line with the policy direction of environmental protection and people's livelihood. A cleaner environment has become the basic living needs of residents and a necessary condition for the sustainable development of small urbanization

the urbanization process is not achieved overnight

: what problems will the domestic urbanization process face

Cheng Zhou: the process of urbanization will be slower than expected, because urbanization is only considered economically at present, but with the entry of migrant workers, it will bring many social and cultural contradictions and estrangement, and cause many social problems, which can not be solved in a short time from the economic level. Urbanization has not yet become a hot spot in the stock market, because there is no specific economic policy related to urbanization

Huang Qiang: the main problems facing China's urbanization development are: the development level of the eastern, central and western regions is seriously unbalanced; Compared with the international, China's urbanization process is relatively lagging behind; The size of the city is insufficient. In China's urbanization, the utilization efficiency of land, energy, water and other resources is relatively low. The urban ecological environment is not waste. The operation process of plastic granulator is very easy to cause environmental pollution, such as air quality and water pollution, weak urban infrastructure, and relatively low public service level. In addition, the urban-rural dual structure of national medical insurance is very obvious. The urban medical security system is mainly composed of public medical care, medical insurance for urban employees and medical insurance for urban residents. China has established a medical insurance system covering the largest population in just 24 years, but the degree of security is still very weak

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