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The "new weapon" of municipal road maintenance - Case skid steer loader

the "new weapon" of municipal road maintenance - Case skid steer loader

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Guide: according to Lishui reports, on the afternoon of August 27 this year, a case SR250 skid steer loader was seen operating near Tianshengqiao, Lishui District, Nanjing, attracting many citizens. Compared with traditional road maintenance equipment, its volume is obviously smaller and more flexible, and it can rotate 360 degrees in a narrow space

according to Lishui, on the afternoon of August 27 this year, a case SR250 skid steer loader was seen operating near Tianshengqiao, an area in Lishui, Nanjing, which has been affected by the downturn in vanadium products and steel prices in recent years, attracting many citizens to watch

compared with the traditional road maintenance equipment, it is obviously smaller and more flexible, can rotate 360 degrees, and can walk freely in a narrow space. It not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces the impact on normal traffic. In addition, it has more than 100 kinds of work accessories to choose from, and it is a real "all-round champion". Without any tools, it takes only two minutes to use the self releasing hydraulic quick change connector to songsorb? Cs400 has hydroxyl functionality, so accessories can be replaced

in the past, it used to take more than 20 workers and more than ten hours to complete the project. Now with case skid steer loader, it can be completed in about one hour. After crushing, milling and compacting the road surface, case slip can also clean up the residues and wastes, and complete the complicated process of road repair at one go

according to the technicians, case slip, also known as multi-functional forklift, can be widely used in all aspects of urban highway construction. It can simultaneously carry out road maintenance operations such as shoveling, excavation, drilling, extensive utilization of new materials, crushing, grabbing, paving, trenching, road cleaning and pavement compaction. It is a professional partner in municipal maintenance

Manager Yang of the highway station maintenance company said that this is the first time to introduce case's skid steer loader in our district, and the effect is very good. On the same day, case's technicians also carried out detailed use and maintenance training for operators in Lishui district. It is expected that these operators will be able to master this skill in the next few days and officially apply "new weapons" to guard urban roads

as the first choice of multi-purpose equipment in municipal engineering, case skid steer loader has world-class reliability, durability and accuracy. It plays a great role in asphalt and cement pavement maintenance projects and can carry out experiments and provide detection data according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other international standards. Case series engines have been known in the industry for their low fuel consumption and strong power, and fully meet the latest American Tier 3 emission standards. At low speed, it can provide greater torque, generate greater power and effectively save energy consumption

since the launch of case skid steer loader in 1969, it has always been in the leading position in the world, which can fully meet the needs of the development of large, medium and small cities, and become a professional partner in municipal engineering and highway maintenance

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