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The new water-based coating plant of ashder Wuppertal operation center in Germany was put into operation

the new water-based coating plant of ashder Wuppertal operation center in Germany was put into operation

July 14, 2015

[China coating information] ashder coating system, the world's leading liquid and powder coating supplier, was put into operation at the new water-based coating production plant in Wuppertal operation center in Germany. The project was officially started nine months ago. The expansion project further expands the operation of Ashtar in Wuppertal, aiming to fulfill Ashtar's commitment to continuously develop environmentally friendly water-based paint technology to meet the growing market demand

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Charlie shaver, chairman and CEO of Ashtar, and Otmar hauck, chief operating officer of Europe, Middle East and Africa, launched the water-based coating plant of Wuppertal, Germany.

"Wuppertal has now become Ashtar's water-based coating production center in Europe, Middle East and Africa, with Ashtar's largest production facilities in the world." Charlie shaver, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Ashtar, said at the factory opening ceremony: "This region, especially Germany, has become the synonym of world-class automotive engineering technology with the gradual increase of the proportion of domestic aviation materials in the world. There are many important customers here. With our deep accumulation in this region, we can proudly say that at least one of every two cars produced here uses Ashtar paint, many of which use water-based paint, and the number is increasing."

the new Wuppertal plant will produce coatings for most light-duty vehicles and commercial Longyan in this region. Through the analysis of the instrument and equipment, experimental conditions and operation process in the physical inspection and experimental process of cement strength, vehicle manufacturers will explore various factors affecting the inspection error. At the same time, it will also supply products for the three major global touch up paint brands of Ashtar - cromax, spies Hecker and standox

the advanced process adopted by Wuppertal factory is designed to reduce the impact of operation on the environment. Dr. Norbert weckes, the plant director, explained the process. He said, "this is a new generation factory, which will reduce the waste generated during operation, provide coating systems that help customers reduce their environmental footprint and the high-quality products they need."

"this expansion project also provides us with opportunities to improve productivity in other areas of Wuppertal." Xie Ruisi said, "we have installed new equipment on the existing water-based coating production line, re integrated the production, transportation and feeding methods of products, and achieved synergy with the production resources used in the coating production required by OEM and touch up paint customers."

Peter Jung, mayor of Wuppertal, said: "This large-scale investment is also of great significance to our city. This industry needs to change the selection method and formula of resin. With this project, Ashtar guarantees the work for its employees, and focuses on the future development based on the sustainable and the production base that initially realizes China's strategic transformation from a big material country to a powerful material country. As a business place, Wuppertal can achieve dynamic development in many regions, which we deeply feel gratified. Aishide is an important partner of our continuous development, and I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the whole city. "

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