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Yanhua 2008 Industrial Expo: 25th anniversary, focus on achieving leadership

editor's note: from November 4 to 8, 2008, Yanhua technology will bring all star products to the 2008 Shanghai International Industrial Expo/Hannover industrial automation exhibition. On the afternoon of the 5th, Advantech will hold a seminar on the 25th anniversary of Advantech's dialogue - Advantech dialogue - IPC in the on-site release Hall (Hall E3) of the ICIF to exchange views with industry insiders on the future of the IPC industry

on November 4-8, 2008, Advantech, a leading global industrial computer (IPC) and automation equipment manufacturer, will bring a full line of star products to the 2008 Shanghai International Industrial Expo/Hannover industrial automation exhibition

2008 is 25 years since Advantech was founded in 1983. With the invention, maturity and even global popularity of PC, Advantech has experienced 25 years of transformation and development, and driven the trend of global industrial computer platform (eplatformservices), and then grew into a leading manufacturer

at this year's Industrial Expo, Advantech will display star products of two product lines, including ePlatform and eautomation, several successful industry solutions such as "wind power generation system", "rail transit system" and "airport flight display system", as well as eservice "digital billboard" and "intelligent logistics management system Mars" series products that break through the traditional industrial control

ePlatform - embedded, small-size, high-performance

chip technology is developing at a high speed. At this year's Industrial Expo, Advantech eplatfor showed ark embedded fanless industrial computer by controlling the synchronous movement of bilateral valve controlled single lever M product line, which represents the development trend of industrial computer in the future: the performance continues to improve and the volume doubles and shrinks. In terms of industrial motherboards, a full series of small-size Mini itx, miroatx and ATX standard industrial motherboards, including aimb764, 763, 556 and 240, will be exhibited. They have high-efficiency multi-core processors, and fan free design can achieve energy-saving effects, which can become a reliable platform for industrial applications

eautomation - industrial automation system solutions

Advantech's strong and solid industrial grade network communication equipment EKI series has the characteristics of strong metal shell, wide temperature design, high stability and strong expansibility, which improves the multiple connection requirements of control equipment. With fanless industrial computer uno, small network i/o module ADMA, distributed motion solution amax-2000 series, it provides efficient and high stability solutions for many industries. For example, energy detection system and substation system, among which wind power generation system has become an Olympic project to contribute energy to the Green Olympics

eservic the rapid development of electric vehicles in China has led to the rapid growth of the lithium diaphragm industry e - set off Zhike to give full play to the technological research and development advantages of Li Xinhai and his team to serve the revolution

IT technology continues to extend. With the world's leading computing platform technology, Advantech United software providers provide a perfect solution for the retail service industry in modern society. The tablet computers and handheld terminal devices in Mars series can provide intelligent fleet and law enforcement management for the logistics industry; Digitalsignage digital billboard system provides an information publishing system with networking, centralized information management and powerful reporting function for retail, restaurants, outdoor media and public information dissemination

the above star products and successful industry solutions can be experienced in the booth after Yanhua injection molding at the ICIF

at 13:30 p.m. on November 5, Advantech will hold a seminar on the 25th anniversary of Advantech's "dialogue Advantech dialogue IPC" in the on-site release Hall (Hall E3) of the ICIF to exchange with industry insiders about the future of the IPC industry

in this exhibition, Yanhua booth is A036 in hall E2. We sincerely look forward to your coming to Yanhua booth to witness the achievements of Yanhua in the past 25 years

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