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Wuhan Fangyuan writes the miracle of titanium dioxide industry

Wuhan Fangyuan writes the miracle of titanium dioxide industry

July 19, 2005

on July 7, some inorganic chemistry expert group members from Wuhan region and the national titanium dioxide industry gathered to enhance communication and exchange within the industry, including Wuhan Fangyuan titanium dioxide Co., Ltd, An appraisal meeting is being held here on the achievements of the "industrialization technology of waste sulfuric acid reuse in titanium dioxide production" independently developed by Wuhan Fangyuan company. After listening to the relevant reports, questioning and defense, reviewing the identification data and investigating the site and operation of the engineering device, the experts couldn't restrain their excitement and cast a satisfactory vote one after another

Bi Sheng, director and senior engineer of the titanium dioxide center of the National Productivity Promotion Center of the chemical industry, said that there are more than 60 titanium dioxide production enterprises in the country. In terms of scale, Wuhan Fangyuan can only be regarded as a "little brother", but it started from bankruptcy. In just five years, It has written two wonders of China's titanium dioxide industry: first, it took the lead in winning the certificate of so14001 environmental management system with a structure equivalent to that produced by the FFF method in the I manufacturing process; second, it pioneered the industrialized technology of recycling all waste acid concentration and turning waste sulfuric acid into treasure, which solved the most difficult problem in the titanium dioxide industry. The economic, environmental and social benefits are very obvious, and the process technology is at the domestic leading level

Mao Ming, general manager of Fangyuan company, said that it is not easy to introduce technology? Titanium dioxide is considered to be the best white pigment in the world because of its non-toxic, best whiteness, brightness and good physical properties. Foreign titanium dioxide enterprises have been blocking and monopolizing their advanced production technology, and the investment in the whole set of imported equipment is huge. If we want to improve the grade and market competitiveness of our products, we can only take the road of independent development

Fangyuan company, formerly known as Wuhan titanium dioxide factory, is located in the urban area of Wuhan. It was once a famous local polluter and loss maker. It declared bankruptcy after a cumulative loss of more than 30 million yuan and a debt to asset ratio of 300%. At the end of 2000, Wuhan Fangyuan titanium dioxide Co., Ltd. was established after Wuhan Qingjiang Chemical Co., Ltd. was acquired according to law

Mao Ming, who "takes orders in the face of danger", knows that the titanium dioxide industry can survive and develop only by doing a good job of environmental protection. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the green production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method. Therefore, they formulated the quality policy of "science and technology leading, pursuing excellence", advocated the enterprise spirit of "people-oriented, realistic and innovative", and carried out comprehensive technological innovation in the production process of titanium dioxide. The company has invested more than 10 million yuan to treat industrial wastewater, boiler flue gas, acidolysis waste gas, calcination tail gas and factory boundary noise. After testing, all of them meet the national standards. The stable operation rate of production facilities and environmental protection devices for medium and high-end aluminum profile products in the fields of automobiles, aerospace, consumer electronics, power equipment, rail transit equipment and so on has reached 98%. Fangyuan company was rated as the advanced group of "one control and two standards" for comprehensive environmental management, and the advanced water-saving enterprise of Wuhan city by the relevant departments of Wuhan city

taking the hydrolysis process, the bottleneck project to improve production capacity, as a breakthrough, Fangyuan company has successively carried out all-round and high starting point technological innovation and equipment transformation on the titanium dioxide production system, which has greatly improved the average particle size, particle size distribution, appearance whiteness, achromatic power, oil absorption and other indicators of titanium dioxide

in the production process of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method in China, about 4 tons of waste acid are produced per ton of product. Waste acid treatment has been the bottleneck of environmental treatment and enterprise development of titanium dioxide industry for many years. If the waste acid can be concentrated to replace some fresh sulfuric acid, the recycling of waste acid can be realized, the consumption of sulfuric acid can be reduced, and the emission of waste can be reduced. It is of great strategic significance for enterprises to realize circular economy and sustainable development

under the circumstances of foreign technology blockade and no mature domestic experience to follow, Fangyuan company has adopted the waste acid flue gas steam secondary concentration process and selected domestic equipment for transformation after many experiments and demonstrations. After more than two years of technological development, in March 2004, Fangyuan company finally solved a series of problems in the process, equipment and environmental protection of waste acid concentration, and achieved the goal of long-term stable operation and 100% recycling of waste acid concentration system. By February, 2005, the concentration system had been put into operation for one year, and the acid consumption per ton of product had decreased from 4.1 tons in the past to 3.6 tons at present. This alone could save 1.4 million yuan a year

at present, Fangyuan company is implementing a new round of development goals, establishing a technological innovation evaluation system and product application development institutions, introducing high-tech and high-capacity production devices, equipped with advanced multi-functional testing equipment, and cultivating a number of professional technical forces with high cultural level and strong innovation awareness

it is reasonable to believe that the road of independent innovation of Fangyuan company will be wider and wider

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