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The infrastructure investment of local gold diggers in the "the Belt and Road" is more than trillion

the infrastructure investment of local gold diggers in the "the Belt and Road" is more than trillion

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the national "the Belt and Road" plan will be announced soon, and the "title" battle between local governments around the "new starting point" and "qualification" will also be settled. Compared with the initial 15 provinces, the planning scope is expected to be further expanded. After that, the local competition will focus on real gold and silver projects and policies

Xinjiang has also deployed implementation opinions and action plans to accelerate the implementation of the construction of the core areas of the Silk Road Economic Belt this year. The specific contents include: in accordance with the construction plan of the north, middle and south passage, pay attention to the construction and reserve of major infrastructure projects, promote the construction of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the logistics and information channels facing central, western, South Asia and Europe, and highlight the road connectivity and information connectivity with surrounding countries

Sichuan proposes to build a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation corridor from three directions. To the south is the expansion and reconstruction of Chengdu Kunming railway. Raymond company is expected to start the construction of new commercial carbon fiber equipment, Chengdu Guiyang passenger dedicated line and other projects in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, as well as the construction of Xuyong Bijie section of longhuang railway; To the north, there are projects such as xi'an-chengdu passenger dedicated line, which connect the railways and highways from Chengdu to Xi'an to the Bohai Rim region; The west direction is the construction of Chengdu Lanzhou railway and the acceleration of the preliminary work of Sichuan Tibet railway, Chengdu Xining railway and other projects

in fact, all regions have set off a climax of seizing the strategic opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" and stepping up the construction and reserve of infrastructure projects. According to the Research Report of Minsheng securities, the total scale of the "the Belt and Road" infrastructure investment projects in the government work reports of the two sessions in 2015 has reached 1.04 trillion. From the perspective of project distribution, it is mainly "tiegongji", accounting for 68.8% of the total investment

it is undoubtedly the focus of local competition to strive to incorporate projects involving themselves into the planning. According to the latest news, Lianyungang's "output: built-in printer, Sino Kazakhstan (Lianyungang) logistics transit base and SCO member states' sea port base" have been listed as the only coastal port construction project in the "the Belt and Road" major project construction list, and have become a major project to be promoted this year and next

during the national two sessions this year, Fang Weifeng, director of the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said, "the national 'the Belt and Road' cooperation platform will be settled in Xi'an." Fang Weifeng didn't clarify the specific content of this platform, but a brand-new period has roared and said, "a lot of work is being promoted. You can continue to pay attention to the specific platform."

more than that, with the layout of the free trade zone in Guangdong, Fujian and Tianjin, the expectation of establishing a free trade zone in the central and western regions is renewed. The work report of Shaanxi provincial government proposed that "we should do a solid job in the preparation and application of the free trade park of the Silk Road Economic Belt." Chongqing proposed to establish an inland Free Trade Zone in Chongqing in the form of the proposal of the whole delegation at the national two sessions this year

other provinces also got the "admission qualification" as they wished. Bater, chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government, said at the third session of the 12th people's Congress of the region that Inner Mongolia had been included in the construction scope of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" by the state in 2014. Xie Fuzhan, governor of Henan Province, said at the fourth session of the 12th people's Congress of Henan province that Zhengzhou and Luoyang have become major node cities of the Silk Road Economic Belt

Shandong Province reported to the State Council for approval to include Rizhao, Linyi, Jining, Zaozhuang, Heze and other five cities into the implementation scope of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" strategy, and Shandong Province into the 21st century "maritime Silk Road" strategy. Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission officials recently revealed that Shandong has been included in the scope of the "the Belt and Road" plan, and has been identified as a strategic pivot on the sea and a key area along the economic corridor of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge, and will spare no effort to build a "the Belt and Road" port group

Liaoning has also formulated the implementation plan for participating in the construction of the "the Belt and Road", taking Shenyang, Dalian, Dandong, Jinzhou and Yingkou as important nodes to participate in the construction of the China Mongolia Russia economic corridor. Strengthen the construction of sea and land integrated transportation hubs, build the "Liao man Europe" sea railway intermodal passage starting from Dalian port and Yingkou port, and build a modern logistics base facing Mongolia and Russia, Northeast Asia and Europe, connecting the north and south

the spatial structure and layout of the domestic segment of the Silk Road Economic Belt are mainly three major channels from the north to the south, starting from the three economic circles around the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta respectively, and relying on the existing domestic transportation trunk lines, it runs through the important node cities along the line from east to west, and leads to Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia and Russia through Xinjiang

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