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Ningbo investigates and deals with the illegal production of "underground" paint dens without license

recently, according to reports from the masses, Ningbo Work Safety Supervision Detachment and Cixi safety supervision department removed an illegal paint production site located in fangjiahetou village, Longshan Town, Cixi City, eliminating potential safety hazards

with the clues of the report and the information provided by the local village committee, in addition, the law enforcement officers of Ningbo Safety Supervision Bureau found the illegal paint production site in the remote factory at the foot of a mountain in Hetou village, Fangjia, Longshan Town. From the scene, the shelter is very simple: about 200 square meters of space, including production sites, warehouses and offices. The production equipment is a mixer, a refiner and an air compressor. The barrels of resin, banana water, xylene and other production raw materials are stacked disorderly, and the smell on site is pungent

the nest had no significant impact on the company's business performance in 2017. The point was illegal production without license. Law enforcement officials took measures according to law to stop the illegal acts of the parties and ban the production site. At the same time, the products of the production site are sampled for evidence, and sent to the provincial chemical product quality inspection station Co., Ltd. It can also realize various functions by computer, conduct data processing and analysis, and print the experimental results for identification

after testing, it is confirmed that the products at this production site are indeed dangerous chemicals. Ye, the party involved, admitted that since July this year, paint belonging to hazardous chemicals has been produced and sold in small batches without approval according to law

after obtaining the corresponding evidence, the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau imposed an administrative penalty of 39000 yuan on the party concerned according to law, and confiscated the illegal income of 8300 yuan

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