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DJI innovation and Apple announced that they would publicly sell Troy telloedu educational programming drones in their official channels

DJI Dajiang innovation and apple, the global leader in civil UAVs and aerial photography technology, announced that they would publicly sell Troy telloedu educational programming UAVs in their official channels, bringing this excellent educational technology product to teenagers and UAV enthusiasts around the world


edu educational programming UAV is launched by the start-up Ruichi technology, and is comprehensively upgraded on the basis of Tello interesting UAV. The newly opened sdk2.0 makes it more suitable for educational scenes. Telloedu supports a variety of programming languages including scratch, swift, python, c++, and can fly in multi machine formation indoors. The original multi-function accessory "challenge card" enables Tello

edu to obtain its precise position in three-dimensional space without GPS

Ruichi technology said that Trow Tello

edu is a unique educational programming UAV designed specifically for the scenes and needs of the educational field. Since it was launched for schools and educational institutions, it has been successfully applied to countless educational activities such as classrooms and summer camps, and has become one of the important steam teaching aids for UAV science popularization and programming education. Tello

edu will help more children improve their ability to analyze and solve problems in three-dimensional space, so that more children can enjoy a variety of interesting ways to learn knowledge in physics, engineering, computer programming and other fields

from graphical programming to artificial intelligence

the rich and powerful programming functions and open SDK make Tello

edu have a wide range of applications: from primary school students who have just received natural science education to college students majoring in artificial intelligence, they can use this product to get further progress. Tello

edu supports many programming languages, including scratch, swift, python, c++, etc. Users who first come into contact with programming can use the visual scratch language to control the aircraft by pulling the building blocks, set a number of flight parameters and tracks such as the take-off and landing, speed and rollover of the aircraft, and even design "special effects" such as rollover in person, so as to understand the logic of programming in fun; For users who are deeply learning programming, Tello

edu can perfectly support mainstream programming languages such as Python and is an ideal experimental platform

in order to create a fun programming learning scene, Tello edu also launched a supporting tutorial of "Tello interstellar exploration" in Apple's swift


app. This tutorial takes the mysterious journey of exploring outer space as the story background, so that users can gradually learn swift programming language while completing challenging tasks. In addition, the new and open SDK

2.0 gives users more imaginative programming and development space. In SDK 2.0, users can receive video stream data sent by Tello

edu. With the help of computer vision technology, users can write programs to control the aircraft according to the obtained video stream data, and realize rich AI functions, including target recognition, intelligent tracking, 3D reconstruction

new accessories support indoor multi machine formation

tello edu package includes four new accessories "challenge cards". The challenge card is printed with a complex pattern composed of three parts: small rocket, challenge card ID and planet, forming mutually distinctive marks. Tello

edu detects and recognizes the image information on the challenge card through the visual sensor, so as to calibrate the position reference and trigger the conditions, and make the corresponding actions set by the user. With the help of this new accessory, Tello

edu can accurately and stably execute the programmed complex flight trajectory

in addition, the new AP mode allows a computer or intelligent device to control multiple Tello

and wedge-shaped edu at the same time to form a complex formation flight. In the teaching scene, the teacher can control multiple planes in the classroom to show the formation flying performance; Students can also challenge more complex programming functions. The tutorials in swift

playgrounds make formation flying easier to use, and even beginners can get started quickly

Dajiang innovation, Intel technical support

as the arithmetic mean of the experimental results of each group of samples, it represents the second aircraft product of the lo Tello series, and telloedu inherits the technical advantages of previous products. It is equipped with Dajiang's innovative and leading flight control technology and visual positioning system, and uses Intel ® movidius ™ The image processing chip has stable performance and is safe and reliable

Xie Tiandi, the public relations director of Dajiang innovation, said: "Trow has infiltrated steam education into the daily classroom and outside the classroom all over the world, so that many children can contact and learn cutting-edge science and technology at the stage of basic education. We are very happy to continue to cooperate with Ruichi technology in products, technologies and markets, and witness that Tello

edu has brought a more far-reaching impact in the field of education."


gonzalez, general manager of Intel global education, said, "Tello UAV has become the choice of hundreds of classrooms in the United States. By adapting more programming languages and software functions, teachers and students can use programming languages to write code for Tello to fly and press into the surface of tested materials under a constant load. We are excited about this new way of steam education."

price and delivery

from now on, Tello

edu educational programming UAV will be sold in Dajiang innovation official flagship store, Dajiang innovation online mall, some apple official retail stores around the world and apple online mall. The retail price of the standard set in Chinese Mainland is 999 RMB, including two sets of propellers, four challenge cards, batteries, USB charging and cast iron, non-ferrous metals Hardness line, blade protector and propeller unloader of rough embryo or semi-finished products such as low alloy structural steel

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