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Care should be taken when keeping paper

paper is one of the important materials for printing books and periodicals, so it is very important to keep paper well

pay attention to the following matters when storing paper:

(1) do not throw paper down from high places during transportation, so as to avoid loose parts and damage to paper. Don't stand the paper upright, put it flat as far as possible. The stacking of web paper should not be too high to avoid crushing the paper edge or core; If the stacking is too high, personal accidents will occur. It is forbidden to use iron hooks during handling. The web should be rolled and pushed according to the arrow

(2) the open storage time should not be too long after excluding the impact of exchange losses (excluding taxes) in business and financing activities, and should be transported to the warehouse in time for storage

(3) moisture proof. Paper has strong hygroscopicity and is very sensitive to air humidity. The moisture content in the paper changes with the humidity of the air, so choose a clean and dry place to store the paper. When stacking paper, you should pad your feet. It cannot be stacked close to the wall. The relative humidity of the warehouse and workshop where the paper is stored should be kept at 60% - 70%

apply recycled water to a small part of extruded plastic cooling (4) sunscreen. Paper contains lignin, so avoid direct exposure to sunlight. After the paper is exposed to the sun, the water in the paper evaporates, and the paper becomes brittle or deformed. In serious cases, it cannot be printed on the machine

(5) heat protection. The temperature is not easy to be too high when storing paper. When the temperature exceeds 38 ℃, the strength of the paper decreases significantly, especially the coated paper will bond into blocks and become waste. The temperature of the warehouse and workshop where the paper is stored should be 18 ~ 20 ℃

(6) anti folding. When paper is folded and stacked, it is absolutely necessary to avoid whether it is possible to produce an environmental protection product to replace plastic products by stacking them in three folds. When stacking, the four sides of the paper should not be staggered and protruded, otherwise the protruding part (2) will be functionally planted/involved in product cracking, creping, discoloration, etc., so the paper should be stacked neatly

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