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Azimuth participated in the 2016 China International Social Public Safety Products Expo

due to the waterproof task undertaken by the waterproof company, Shenzhen azimuth communication participated in one of the world's largest, most authoritative and most influential security exhibitions - China International Social Public Safety Products Expo, held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from October 25 to 28, 2016

Shenzhen azimuth Communication Co., Ltd. led the products with the most advanced technology in the industry to appear at this event, which not only showed the industrial products with the advantages of azimuth HD voice quality, saving investment cost, rapid deployment, simple maintenance, seamless expansion and so on, but also showed the latest series of color screen phones that have attracted much attention at home and abroad, and the scheme in the latest field. 1. Button box: it can more easily manipulate the clamping of high and low jaws, Demonstrate leading technical strength. It has received keen attention from all parties and attracted many visitors

at the exhibition, azimuth communication brought access control and intercom products based on network SIP technology to the Expo, including the latest video and voice access control, which was upgraded to a more convenient, intuitive and compact leapfrog upgrade product on the original product, with integrated design, standardized communication protocol and wide compatibility, greatly reducing the threshold of installation, deployment and integration. Our products are based on SIP technology, and the basic communication platform built by Huawei center is based on SIP communication protocol; In addition, the new series of color screen phones of azimuth has been recognized in the industry. With the changing needs of the market, azimuth can integrate products into a unified solution through sip, which makes visitors to the exhibition site marvel, and is favored by a large number of customers. Zui can reach 9999 hours

not only that, many of the existing partners of azimuth communication company also traveled thousands of miles to watch the exhibition. At the exhibition, they more intuitively outlined the future cooperation direction, and expressed great confidence in the products of azimuth, which will also more closely isolate the products into the local market

the exhibition site is enthusiastic and there is an endless stream of customers

this exhibition, the azimuth communication company has also achieved a lot. For the display of the azimuth brand, it also makes old customers more trust and new customers more a high-quality choice. With high-end quality and fast and professional technical support, azimuth has been recognized by the industry. We believe that azimuth will move in a further and higher direction

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