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Qilu Dadi has raised lingyufeng again, and the largest batch delivery of hazardous chemicals transportation industry this year

Qilu Dadi has raised lingyufeng again, and the transportation industry of dangerous chemicals has delivered the largest batch this year

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bid farewell to the fiery may and usher in the passionate June, full of vitality and vigor everywhere

this is a season of new products coming out in large numbers and large orders appearing frequently. CIMC Lingyu's 100 liquid tanks start in a mighty manner

in the past, we all hid the customer's information. You know the reason... But this time, we will no longer keep a low profile. We need to introduce this customer grandly - Shandong aochang Logistics Co., Ltd., which is located in Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Province, the hinterland of Shengli Oilfield

as we all know, Shandong is a major logistics and transportation province in China, and the number of vehicles with dangerous chemicals ranks first in the country. Relying on large local refineries, Shandong aochang logistics has grown rapidly with the business philosophy of "determination of force elongation, safety, professionalism, high quality and efficiency, customer first, and sustainable development". It has now developed into one of the excellent hazardous chemical logistics enterprises in Shandong Province. At present, it has hundreds of hazardous chemical transportation vehicles, serving Shandong Lihua Yijin refinery, Dongying Hualian petrochemical, Shandong Wantong petrochemical, Shandong Haike chemical, Shouguang union petrochemical Dongying qirun chemical, Shandong Jincheng heavy oil chemical, Shandong Qicheng petrochemical, Shandong Jingbo logistics and other more than 20 petrochemical enterprises

in Lijin, although there are thousands of vehicles engaged in the transportation of dangerous chemicals, most of them are carbon steel tankers, and the vehicles transporting crude oil can only reach 28 tons at most. Compared with their counterparts using aluminum alloy tankers, they are inefficient and have worrying benefits

from the perspective of development, aochang logistics company decided to purchase lighter aluminum alloy dangerous chemicals transportation vehicles to realize the upgrading of its transportation business. The first purchase plan is 20 sets

as soon as the news came out, liquid tank car manufacturers swarmed. As the first local crab eater, the competition of these 20 cars was extremely fierce. It can be said that all the well-known liquid tank car enterprises in the industry participated in the competition. After repeated understanding and comparison, as well as the investigation of many large customers that Lingyu cooperates with in Shandong, finally, aochang logistics and CIMC Lingyu successfully joined hands

strong, naturally charming! With the delivery and use of these 20 vehicles in April, the customer soon signed a purchase contract with Lingyu for 100 vehicles, and now the subsequent 100 vehicles are being delivered! This order has also become the largest batch order in the hazardous chemicals industry this year! Our service personnel have also arrived to escort the standardized use of vehicles

peaches and plums don't speak for themselves, and good products come from well-known raw material suppliers. They will share the latest development and utilization of innovative medical high-level personnel, and they can speak! In just three months, it's amazing to choose the right gear and purchase 120 Lingyu's same product continuously, but it's no accident, because this model is the second generation lightweight product upgraded by Lingyu on the basis of last year's standardized and lightweight aluminum alloy crude oil vehicle, and its advantages are more prominent:

more standard. The weight control is better, which fully complies with the announcement and meets the household monitoring of local vehicle administration offices

lighter. The design of this vehicle is better, and it wins the competition with the advantage of light 500 kg

is more reliable. The original protective fence and other details are improved, which is more durable and reliable

in recent years, with the rapid development of the petroleum and chemical industry and the increasingly strict implementation of national standards, the requirements for hazardous chemical transportation enterprises and transportation vehicles have become higher and higher. Safe, standardized and economical dangerous chemical transportation vehicles and operation solutions have also become the most urgent needs of dangerous chemical transportation enterprises

CIMC Lingyu, with his own professionalism and dedication, carefully studies the national t= (p/f) *sin a policies and regulations, closely contacts the actual needs of customers, and constantly develops more suitable products to meet market needs and create more value for users

this is exactly:

the scorching sun in June and the wind in June,

hundreds of tank cars went to Dongying

the magnificent man in the sky,

Qilu Earth shows its pride

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