The hottest place in Shanghai is wet and slippery.

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Shanghai rainy and slippery map: zebra crossing slippery and slippery strips are also slippery

Shanghai rainy and slippery map: zebra crossing slippery and slippery strips are also slippery

August 18, 2009

[China paint information] the continuous rainy weather for nearly a month has brought a lot of trouble to people's lives. The rain stopped for a while, as if it had oiled some roads and made people grease the soles of their feet. Even white-collar workers cannot avoid meeting oneortwo "slippery spots" on their way to and from work. Through the complaints and field visits of white-collar workers, several places with concentrated opinions are listed

[Huashan Road overpass]

inexplicably lying on the steps

the most slippery point: it is actually an anti slip strip

the pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Huashan Road and Yan'an middle road is a "traffic hub", and pedestrians come and go constantly. Computer game player Xiaohua unfortunately suffered a "Waterloo" when "conquering" here: due to the slippery steps, he firmly slid four steps when he got off the bridge. He said, "I feel like a ball. Before I understand what's going on, I lie under the steps."

Ms. Zhao, who works nearby, said that the iron bar originally used for anti-skid on the steps of the overpass has been worn for a long time, and now it can be used as a mirror. As the anti-skid iron bar is a little higher than the steps, when it rains, the rainwater will accumulate on the steps. The deepest place is estimated to be a centimeter, and the rainwater will make high splashes here

[Changle Road Century Business Plaza]

the lobby has become a "skating rink"

the most slippery point: the marble floor

Rachel, who works in this high-end office building on Changle Road, once slipped twice in the lobby. "Every time it rains heavily, the floor of the lobby is particularly slippery. On rainy days, little girls usually wear plastic flat shoes, which are usually very grip on the ground, but there is great uncertainty in the process of technological development and maturity. Water simply becomes a skate!"

fortunately, the property management and cleaning aunt of the building also found this problem in time. On a rainy day, a pregnant woman just walked into the lobby with her front feet. Aunt Baojie grabbed her arm and shouted, "slow down!" Then quickly bend down and put a non slip carpet in front of her. Later, when it rained, a non slip road would be paved in the lobby with carpets, and white-collar workers, like robots, could only walk along fixed lines in the lobby

[Shimen 2nd Road, West Beijing Road]

at the zebra crossing, "flick your tail"

the most slippery point: zebra crossing

at the intersection of Shimen 2nd Road, West Beijing Road, a traffic assistant aunt said that the traffic flow here is large, and the zebra crossing is often diluted, so it was repainted several times back and forth. Now the color of the zebra crossing is whiter, but there are more people wrestling. "Last time a young man rode to the zebra crossing here and shouted. The car swung 180 degrees in place. I thought he was going to do extreme sports and play 'tail flick'. Later, I learned that he slipped on the zebra crossing. It was too dangerous." Master Li, who peddles cigarettes on the roadside, said

it is reported that most zebra crossing coatings in this city are composed of a hot-melt material and polyethylene wax. The friction coefficient is not high, plus the effect of rain, even if the car tire is driven, it will slip

[entrance 14 of people's Square subway station]

everyone queued up to take the blind path

the slippery point: the marble floor at the entrance

when it rains, the entrance 14 of people's Square subway station will become particularly orderly ― everyone lined up and stepped on the blind path one by one into the subway station, for fear that the marble floor next to them would knock themselves down

a citizen wearing flip flops pointed to the semi open concrete rain canopy and said, "the 'ceiling' here can only block half of the rain, and the rain will still fall in. The floor is slippery, so it's really hard to walk." It's summer. Although it's cloudy and rainy for more than ten days, everyone still likes to step on sandals. Who knows that the floor of the subway station and sandals are not "good friends": "slippers are quite slippery here, and there's no problem wearing sneakers, but sneakers are easy to water."

[Nanjing Road Walkway]

rainy days are not suitable for walking

the slippery point: the marble in the middle of the road

there is a large crimson area in the center of Nanjing Road Walkway, which is expected to follow the marble pavement. When it rains, if you want to cross here, you basically challenge your agility. Three or four meters wide marble Road, once it rains, no one left. Uninformed tourists will inevitably stumble if they rush in

it is said that the relevant departments have sprayed a kind of anti-skid paint on these stones! Tongling has built a 100 billion level industrial coating for copper based materials, but after a field "sliding visit", it was found that this coating seemed to be of little use, or it was expired. Beside this "slippery road", you can't even see a basic anti-skid sign

[Hai'an road]

electronic universal experimental machine with mud less than 30t has more advantages. The holy land of pulp lovers

the most slippery point: the whole road

starts to become muddy from the intersection of Jungong Road and Hai'an Road, leading to Fuxing island. Close to Shanghai University of technology, it is the only access from the central ring road of military industry road to Fuxing island. On sunny days, the earth moving vehicles shed countless dust here. On rainy days, the whole road has become a holy land for mud lovers

it takes skills to walk here -- huge trucks drive through the road from time to time, and thick mud accumulates on both sides of the road. If you don't pay attention a little, you can slip out a long way. Coupled with the potholes on the road, it's really enough to be a "Thriller". Mr. Li, who often passes here, said that on this kind of mud ground, it is dry and cracked in summer. After rain, it feels like skiing. In winter, the mud freezes and you can skate. In short, all the seasons have their own excitement

Hai'an road is not long, but because it is the only route for freight vehicles on Fuxing island to go outside the island, the long-term driving of heavy-duty vehicles has sunken the road surface for several years. Under the garbage jam, the drainage system fails, and the consequences can be imagined

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