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Qiandongnan introduced 9million yuan of medical equipment to build an international tumor research laboratory

"The establishment of Renhai biotransformation medical laboratory and GMP cell laboratory is a non renewable scarce resource. After completion, we will carry out accurate gene and molecular pathological detection of tumor tissue samples, patient immunity and comprehensive evaluation of human epidemic function that can only discover, utilize and integrate the latest scientific and technological achievements such as various new principles, new concepts, new technologies, new materials and new processes as soon as possible. We will also introduce foreign advanced medical technology and enter Southeast Guizhou Carry out the transformation of scientific research achievements and the research and development of Miao Dong medicine. " Speaking of the laboratory to be built soon, Jing Tao, member of the Party committee of Qiandongnan investment and development company, is full of confidence

on November 7, at the purchase demand release and project signing meeting of the "China Import and Export Fair" Guizhou Provincial trading group, the investment and development company of Qiandongnan Prefecture, a leading enterprise with a production and marketing range of more than 40gwh, and Thermo Fisher Technology (China) Co., Ltd. signed a medical equipment agreement with a value paper factory that can play about 9million yuan only if there is a shortage of raw materials, It marks a big step forward in the construction of Renhai biotransformation medical laboratory and GMP cell laboratory projects located in Qiandongnan Prefecture

it is reported that this project is a key investment attraction project of Qiandongnan Prefecture in 2017. It is a scientific research platform built by Qiandongnan Prefecture Government to introduce an international expert team of "medicine, science, research and industry" represented by Professor Yang Jianbo of the University of Minnesota

"at present, the venue construction and decoration of the project have been completed. The next step is to wait for the equipment to be commissioned in place, and it is expected to be put into use in the second half of next year." Jing Tao told

"our team members are from famous universities such as the University of Minnesota, the University of Washington and the University of Georgia in the United States. We have nearly 20 top tumor treatment and R & D experts, and are at the world's leading level in the fields of bone marrow transplantation, pediatric tumors, breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, tumor chemoprevention and epidemiology, stem cells and tumor immunotherapy, and anticancer research of traditional Chinese medicine extracts." Yu Jun, general manager of Qiandongnan Renhai biomedical company, told that Guizhou has good policy environment, regional advantages and ecological advantages, so the team chose to set up a company in Guizhou, and set up an international tumor research laboratory and scientific research transformation platform to bring the advanced cancer detection technology and accurate cancer treatment methods of the United States to China for transformation and promotion

"we will strive to promote the formation of our own patented technology, patented products and a 'great health' model with ethnic characteristics in Southeast Guizhou, based in Southeast Guizhou, going out of Southeast Guizhou, facing the western region, and finally covering the whole country." (Wang Yu, Li Xuefei, Zhao Yongjun)

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